20xx Rocket League Decal

The 20xx Rocket League decal is a black market decal making it one of the rarest in the game! Become one of the few percentages of Rocket League players to showcase this Rocket League 20xx decal off by purchasing from AOEAH following the link below!



The Rocket League 20xx decal can be found in the Nitro Crate as well as the Turbo Crate.


Best 20xx Colour Combos?

Each player may have their own preference on what are the best colours to use when using the 20xx decal but these are some suggestions for you to try out:


Blue Car:

  • The darkest purple then a few shades down on the purple column
  • A dark colour, e.g. dark blue, dark purple along with the second colour being white


Red Car:

  • Yellow/gold is the primary colour with black as the secondary colour
  • Light red as the primary colour along with a darker red as the secondary colour