Biomass Rocket League Decal

The Rocket League Biomass black market decal is one of the cheaper black market decals available but at the same time is one of the most popular wanted items in the game. You can get your hands on a Biomass decal by clicking the link below and purchasing from AOEAH who will give you your Biomass decal quickly after purchase!



The Rocket League Biomass decal as said previously is a black market decal found in two crates which being the Champions crate 4 and the Turbo crate. When opening these crates, you will have a 1% chance to win a black market item. With this being said, there are 3 black market decals found in the Champions 4 crate and 3 in the Turbo crate.


Brought out in December 2016, the Biomass decal has kept a steady price over the last few months meaning you don’t have to worry about your Biomass falling in price.