Electroshock Rocket League

The Rocket League electroshock goal explosion is another black market item making it a unique and rare goal explosion within the game. The ‘Buy Electroshock goal explosion here’ button below is an affiliate link sending you to AOEAH who we recommend using to purchase any Rocket League items as they have the cheapest prices on the market!



The Electroshock Rocket League goal explosion is one of the cheaper black market items whilst being one of the most highly demanded items in the game. Released in July 2017, the Electroshock goal explosion has maintained its value since October 2017. What does this mean for you the consumer? Purchasing an item than maintains value or increases its value ensures you don’t lose money as a trader. For example, you may wish to swap this goal explosion in a few month’s time for another trending item, you could sell the Electroshock for the same price you purchased it for.

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