Rocket League Credits

Rocket League credits are the new in-game currency introduced at the end of 2019. Replacing keys, credits ensures you know what items you’re receiving for the money you paid. Here, you can buy Rocket League Credits for much cheaper than in-game saving you money on all items!


What can Rocket League Credits be used for?

They can be used for numerous reasons such as building items from blueprints, trading with other players, purchasing featured items in the Rocket League in-game shop and also upgrading the Rocket Pass.

How much are 100 Credits worth in Keys?

With credits being the replacement of keys, Pysonix converted everyone’s keys into credits with the conversion rate being 1 key equaling 100 credits. However, if you were to have greater than 10 keys, each key would be equivalent to 110 credits, 20+ would be 120 credits per key and holding over 50 keys resulted in players receiving 130 credits per key.