Draco Rocket League Wheels

You’re not short on choice with the 14 available Draco colours including the white dracos! The ‘Buy Draco Wheels Here!’ button will send you through to the AOEAH site who are the leading brand in selling Rocket League items.



As said previously, there are 14 different colour variations of the Rocket League Draco wheels and here they are in order of popularity:

  1. Titanium white- worth around 21 keys
  2. Crimson- worth about 9 keys
  3. Sky Blue- worth 8 keys
  4. Purple- Worth 4 keys
  5. Cobalt- worth 3.5 keys
  6. Forest Green- worth 3.5 keys
  7. Grey- worth 3.5 keys
  8. Black- worth 3 keys
  9. Lime- worth 3 keys
  10. Saffron- worth 3 keys
  11. Pink- worth 2.5 keys
  12. Burnt Sienna- worth 1 key
  13. Orange- worth 1 key
  14. Finally, the Default colour is worth 0.5 key

The value of these Draco wheels may change in value (recorded November 2019). Rocket League Draco wheels don’t give you a benefit within the game but they can be used for cosmetics and the appearance of your car.

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