Beginners Guide to Rocket League Trading

Ever wondered how people get stacked Rocket League inventories without spending pennies? Here is our Guide for players just starting their trading inventory in order for you to achieve just that!

What is Rocket League trading?

Rocket League trading involves the act of giving one item whilst receiving another item usually for the same value. This blog will show you just how to make a profit by using mainly this method. We will guide you through the basics of the following so feel free to skip to which topics you don’t have much knowledge on; Currency, Item Pricing, Best places to trade, Tips Against Scammers, Different Methods of Trading.


First of all, I think it’s important to cover the Rocket League currency as this is the fundamental knowledge needed in order to start trading. The currency in Rocket League is credits which replaced keys late last year in December 2019. Credits can be used to craft blueprints into items, trade items with other players and also buy the featured items in the in-game shop. If you had any remaining keys left in your inventory during the December update then each key would have been converted into 100 credits with an increase of 10 credits per 10 keys held in your inventory.

Similarly, with keys, credits also have a 72-hour trade restriction meaning you cannot trade these purchased credits with this time. However, trading Rocket League credits with other players or through our site will not only be cheaper but there will be no trade restriction allowing you to start trading right away.

Item Pricing

To become a good trader, it’s essential to know the prices of the Rocket League items you’re trading with. This doesn’t mean you need to learn them off by heart but something to refer to is key ensuring you get the best possible deal. Generally, I use RL Insider to check the prices of all Rocket League items. This is used by many experienced traders as it’s reliable and very accurate. There are two ways you can use RL Insider through either their website or personally I have installed their Discord bot in my Discord server to speed up the process. Each price check takes seconds with the command: !price (platform) (item) (paint)

Where to Trade

There are various sites or Discord servers you can use to trade with other players. The main Rocket League Discord is an active trading market for all platforms as well as websites such as ‘Rocket-League’ and ‘rl-trades’. Before going ahead with any of these trades, remember to check the price as previously said ensuring you have the best possible price!

Tips Against Scammers!

Scamming in Rocket League has definitely fallen since the trading update Pysonix released enabling both players to trade items at the same time. This stopped someone having to go first, risking getting scammed. However, even after this update, Rocket League scammers still exist.

How can you limit your chances of getting scammed? First of all, some traders will send you a link, a dodgy link! So my advice is to never click on a link that a trader sends you. Also, if you’re trading on steam then you can read steam profile reviews before completing your trade. Don’t always rely on this method as it’s easy to create your own steam accounts. Another way of limiting your chances of getting scammed is by calling for a middleman. Middlemen are trusted people who ensure the trade is completed fairly with no scams. Ensure you call a middleman and not them! They are often used in cash trades, e.g. you pay the middleman through PayPal then the other trader gives your desired item to the middleman who then gives yourself the item and the other trader the cash.

Different Methods of Trading
  1. Selling your unwanted items- You’ll be surprised how many unwanted items you have lying in your inventory worth a good amount of credits. Especially if you play the game a lot and don’t often clear your garage out.
  2. The Rocket Pass- It may seem like your wasting credits but in fact, you can gain a huge profit from the Rocket Pass. Not only do you almost get all the credits back but if you reach beyond level 70, you begin receiving painted items that you can sell on for credits. This is obviously only worth it if you’re going to grind the season out a lot.
  3. New traders- often beginners don’t know the exact value of items or people are generally lazy so, therefore, sell at a lower price. Before you jump into what you may think is a great deal, remember to check the price and what others sell it for too.


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