Valorant Boosting

Valorant rank boosting may not yet be popular but with Riot releasing ranked play within the next week, Valorant boosting is expected to see a large spike in demand.

Similar to Rocket League Boosting, Valorant Boosting involves a highly skilled Valorant player to play on the customer’s account or play with the customer and carry them to their desired rank.

Why do people want a higher rank? Some players desire a better rank for a numerous reasons. One being that the player may not want to play against lower ranks and therefore, request a booster to get their account to their skill level. Another reason could be to show off their new rank to friends and potentially to experience a higher level of game play to further their improvements in the game.

Want to become a Valorant Booster for Pro MB Gaming? At Pro MB Gaming, we are looking to move into Valorant boosting in the near future but we’re currently looking for highly skilled players that are able to boost to the Valorant rank with ease. If you’re able to do this and want to apply, then join the Pro MB Gaming- Game Boosting discord here:

Once joined, message an owner (either MiniBeans or Jboy20) using the application form displayed within a text channel.

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