How to get SuperSonic Legend Rank in Rocket League

As many of you may already know, Pysonix released three brand new ranks above Grand Champion. With the SuperSonic Legend becoming the new top rank, every player is now aspiring to achieve it. In this article, we will discuss tips and requirements needed to reach this goal.

What is the Rocket League SuperSonic Legend MMR?

This heavily depends on which playlist you’re trying to achieve SSL. Pysonix have not released definite numbers and have instead let players figure it out for themselves. According to the Rocket League tracker, the MMR for Supersonic legend is 1350 in 1v1, 1876 in 2v2 and 1915 in 3v3.

This image shows the percentage of players within each rank based off a sample of 1 million players. (From Rocket League Tracker Network)

Methods to Achieving the Rocket League SSL Rank-

  • Rocket League Boosts– Purchasing a Rocket League boost is deemed as the easiest and quickest method of getting to SuperSonic Legend. Even if you want to get the SuperSonic Legend rank by yourself, you can still choose an option to play with a booster allowing you to play.
  • Playtime- If Rocket League boosting isn’t for you then it’s solely dependent on your playtime. All current SSL players will have a minimum of a few thousand hours on the game. Unfortunately, from my knowledge, PlayStation players will be unable to check their playtime but Steam players can press Shift + Tab whilst Xbox players can view it under achievements. If you haven’t checked this before, you’ll find it very interesting to view how long you’ve spent. You’re probably looking at 3,000 hours minimum until you’ll be close to SuperSonic Legend.
  • Training- Playtime and training can be related. For example, someone with 2,000 hours of playtime might be a better player than someone with 2,500 hours of playtime. This could be due to the 2,500-hour player just playing competitive matches 100% of the time. Whereas, the 2,000-hour player might play matches 80% of the time and spend 20% of their time in training, practicing skills they are weak at e.g. backboard shots.

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