Best 20xx Rocket League Designs

Best 20xx Rocket League Designs

Jan 17 admin  

The 20xx Rocket League decal was released in March 2017 and has ever since been a fan favorite. This black market decal was released in all available paints and in this article, we showcase some cool 20xx color combinations you can use.

Best 20xx Color Combinations

All of these Rocket League 20xx designs have been taken in a Fennec car, making it easier for you to compare the 20xx color combos. They are in no particular order!

To see these designs in their animation form, check out our YouTube video:

Purple & Black

20xx color combination

A purple 20xx design that is mixed with dark and light purple. This is one of the only 20xx color combinations that I like with the default paint. When the black aspects of the decal move across the car, it almost blacks out the whole backside of the Fennec, creating a stealthy look.

  • Body- Black Fennec
  • Decal- 20xx
  • Wheels- Black Zombas
  • Primary color- Darkest purple
  • Secondary color- Light purple
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Blue & Green

20xx color combos

This blue and green combo consists of cobalt, light blue, and forest green mixed together. The forest green Zomba wheels really go well with this design as they contain elements of cobalt and light blue in their animation.

  • Body- Cobalt Fennec
  • Decal- Cobalt 20xx
  • Wheels- Forest Green Zombas
  • Primary color- Light blue
  • Secondary color- Bright green

Orange & Black

rocket league 20xx design

Probably the cheapest out of this list if you are looking for a cool and affordable Rocket League car design. The only painted RL item on this vehicle is the Holographic chakram wheels.

  • Body- Fennec
  • Decal- 20xx
  • Wheels- Chakram: Holograhpic in burnt sienna
  • Primary color- Orange (fourth row, three down on orange team)
  • Secondary color- Black

Red & White

rocket league designs 20xx

From a cheaper design to a more expensive one. This red and white 20xx design is packed with that expensive taste of titanium white.

  • Body- Titanium white Fennec
  • Decal- Titanium white 20xx
  • Wheels- Titanium white FSL-B
  • Primary color- Darker red
  • Secondary color- White

Have we missed your favorite 20xx color combo? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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