5 Awesome Updates that Rocket League Need to Release

There are many updates, items, game modes, maps and more that the community want to see in Rocket League. Here are a few ideas that us at Pro MB Gaming would love to see introduced in the game:

Comment below if you agree with any of these ideas and if you have any more suggestions then we would love to hear them!

Add workshop maps to all platforms

Currently workshop maps are only available to Steam and with Epic Games taking over Rocket League, it is no longer available to be installed through the Steam platform.

Workshop maps consist of custom maps, game modes and training drills created by people in the community. They are not designed by Rocket League but they do allow Steam players to download workshop maps.

These custom maps enable players to enjoy a wider range of Rocket League game modes and improve a wider range of skills such as dribbling, car control and more.

What workshop map do we recommend downloading? For all the Steam players out there, we recommend downloading the

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