5 Awesome Updates that Rocket League Need to Release

Apr 13 admin  

There are many updates, items, game modes, maps and more that the community want to see in Rocket League. Here are a few ideas that us at Pro MB Gaming would love to see introduced in the game:

Comment below if you agree with any of these ideas and if you have any more suggestions then we would love to hear them!

Add workshop maps to all platforms

Currently workshop maps are only available to Steam and with Epic Games taking over Rocket League, it is no longer available to be installed through the Steam platform.

Workshop maps consist of custom maps, game modes and training drills created by people in the community. They are not designed by Rocket League but they do allow Steam players to download workshop maps.

These custom maps enable players to enjoy a wider range of Rocket League game modes and improve a wider range of skills such as dribbling, car control and more.

What workshop map do we recommend downloading? For all the Steam players out there, we recommend downloading the ‘Dribbling Challenge #2’. You can find this via Steam, Library, Rocket League, Workshop, Most Subscribed then it is currently the second most popular workshop map. Then all you must do is click download and you are ready to go. No need to even restart your game! This workshop map is designed to improve your dribbling skills.

Therefore, we believe players on platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation and Epic Games are missing out on the extra entertainment that Rocket League can provide as well as missing out on further opportunities to improve their skills.

Workshop Multiplayer

Following on from adding workshop maps to all platforms, it would also be cool to make workshops easily accessible to play with friends.

Playing workshop maps with friends is possible. However, it requires quite a long procedure with complicated steps hence why the vast majority of the community are calling for a workshop multiplayer.

These are some awesome workshop maps that everyone is wanting to play with friends:

  • Hide and seeks
  • AmongUs in Rocket League
  • Mini Golf with friends
  • 1v1v1
  • And many more

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More Tournaments

The 3v3 in game tournaments were a fantastic edition to the game. But would you like to see 2v2 in game tournaments too? And what about 1v1 tournaments?

There are a few grey areas with this. Firstly, will there be enough demand to fill all tournament game modes? We would assume so with the millions of active players every day. 2v2 and 1v1 tournaments would also require less players in each tournament. Another concern to this would be the tournament titles. Would Rocket League have to add new tournament titles for the other playlists? We believe this would add another incentive for players to enter all the different tournaments and keep players interacted in the game.

Coloured window tints

With Rocket League constantly having to create new item ideas, we are surprised this one has not been included yet. It is something that people in the community have been requesting for a few years.

We would not be surprised to see these introduced within the game anytime soon.

An improved cross platform chat

If you have not noticed already, you can not chat to players on a different console unless using party chat. Quick text chats are the only communication method beside that.

We believe this is a smaller update needed compared to some of our other ideas listed. It should create a more enjoyable playing experience for all players being able to talk to cross platform players.

Why this might be a bad idea? Being a PC player since day one, we have understood and grown up with the high toxicity within the game. Do not get me wrong, all platform players experience others being toxic. However, PC players can type much faster into chat with the use of their keyboard and therefore, I would assume this might open up a whole different level of toxicity to console players.

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