Air Strike Rocket League

rocket league air strike

The Rocket League Air Strike is a black market goal explosion that was released in February 2021 at the beginning of season 2.

This item is so popular that early in its release, you would not play a game without seeing a player using it. It is still a widely used goal explosion.

On this item page, you will see the Air Strike Rocket League prices, the item showcased, and how to get this item.

Painted Variants

The Air Strike goal explosion can be obtained in all paints besides orange. It is one of the more popular goal explosions and therefore, is one of the more expensive ones due to its high demand.

It costs 2,000 credits to craft the default and burnt sienna blueprints. 2,500 credits for titanium white, and 2,200 for all other paints.

Rocket League Air Strike Showcase

It is hard to judge a goal explosion, especially a black market item from a picture. That is why we have created a showcase video for this item so you can have a better idea whether or not you want/like that paint.

What Does the RL Air Strike Goal Explosion Do?

The reason this item is one of the more popular and well-loved goal explosions is because of what it does. You should all know that your goal explosion is utilized when you score a goal in the opposition’s net. 

As soon as you score, the Air Strike does what it says… A great number of missiles lock onto players’ vehicles that are located in the box. If you are still within the vicinity (roughly in the penalty area) then your car will be nuked. This offers a great deal of excitement to players in that area to try and flee as quickly as possible. 

How to get the Air Strike in Rocket League

Blueprints are one way. Are they the cheapest? That depends on the trading valuation of your desired paint. We have listed blueprint crafting costs for each painted variation in the pricing section so you can compare those blueprint costs to the trading valuation. Let’s give 2 examples based on current prices in November 2022. Remember, the prices above may have fluctuated since. The titanium white Air Strike costs 2,500 credits to craft but it is valued at a trading price of 2,500-2700 RL credits. This means crafting the blueprint might be the cheaper option as you may not be able to purvey a cheaper alternative. However, let’s take the example of the default Air Strike. It’s blueprint cost is 2,000 credits but its current trading value is 1300-1400 credits. This means you would be overpaying by using its blueprint as you should be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.

Secondly, another way is to trade in 5 of your unwanted exotic items to receive 1 black market item in return. This does not guarantee which black market item you will be rewarded, but you will have a small chance.

A different method is to trade, using the valuations in the pricing section. You will obviously need that amount of credits. You may already have the required amount, but you could sell any valuable items in your inventory or purchase cheaper credits than in-game from Aoeah (see links above). This is the cheapest method if method 2 (trade-ins) does not work.

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