Atomizer Rocket League

rocket league atomizer

The Rocket League Atomizer is a black market goal explosion, released in April 2018. It was introduced within the Triumph crate and later added to the Impact crate.

It was one of the first and very few goal explosions released in RL Sideswipe.

Find out the Atomizer prices, a showcase of all this item’s colors, and how to get this item.

Rocket League Atomizer Showcase

A picture does not reflect the true representation of a goal explosion which is why we have put together a short video, showcasing every painted variant of this item.

Atomizer Painted Variants

Available in all paints and all platforms, the Atomizer is a well-regarded goal explosion by the RL community.

This item’s variants has featured in the in-game item shop many times. The default featured recently in August 2022 at a price of 2,000 credits. The black paint appeared in the shop back in December 2019 for 2,200 credits. Titanium white for 2,500 credits featured in March 2020. Both these paints came in the Aviator certifications which track how many goals you score. The grey color starred in July 2022 for 2,200 credits as an uncertified item. Cobalt, Sky blue, Saffron, Forest green, and Purple Atomizer featured for 2,200 creds in March 2020, June 2020, May 2022, November 2021, and May 2022 retrispectively as uncertified. Sky blue featured recently in October 2022 for 2,000 credits but as an Acrobat certification. Finally, the orange color is the only paint to feature twice at a price of 2,200 credits in February 2020 and 2022. Once as uncertified and the latest time as an Aviator item. Any paint not mentioned have not featured in the in-game item shop as of November 2022.

What Does the RL Atomizer Goal Explosion Do?

When equipped with the RL Atomizer goal explosion, it comes into play when you score a goal in a match. An explosion strikes in the net and atoms surround the explosion in a dome shape which eventually disappear into thin air. 

How to get the Atomizer Goal Explosion

There are many approaches you can use to obtain the RL Atomizer goal explosion. But which is the best for you? In this section, we briefly go over each method and why it is a good or ineffective procedure.

  • Event gifts- This item tends to be put into event gifts such as the latest Halloween event. You have a chance of winning this item in the Golden Pumpkin 22 and much more similar to these golden gifts. These Golden gifts are rewarded by playing online matches when the event is live.
  • Trade-ins- Trade in 5 exotic items in your inventory for a black market in return. Again, pot luck to which black market item you receive.
  • In-game Shop- This item is brought to the shop quite often. See pricing section for when this item has been listed in the shop.
  • Buying directly from Aoeah- A cheap third party site (click green button links above to visit their site) who delivery your item incredibly quickly. No need to wait for the item to be displayed in the in-game shop using this method.
  • Blueprints- Probably the quickest way to obtain this item is you have the blueprint, but is often more expensive than other methods.
Which method is best for you depends on the current valuation of the item and your own needs.

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