Beginners Guide to Rocket League Trading

Feb 24 admin  

As well as competitive play, Rocket League trading has become a huge aspect of the game. Many players take pride and care in the design and look of their battle cars and why not when you’re spending hours and hours using the car.

However, getting your dream car design may cost a lot for most people. Therefore, in this Rocket League guide, we will discuss how you can improve your RL inventory which our tips and tricks. This guide is written for beginner traders. These might not be beginner players but people who want to start out trading in Rocket League.

What is Rocket League Trading?

The best definition I could describe trading in Rocket League is that it is the act of giving another playing an item in return for an item. Credits are the main use between trades as each and every individual item’s value is determined through credits.


Let’s begin discussing the Rocket League currency. Before 2020, keys were the key factor in determining the price of all items. Each item would be valued in terms of how many keys it was worth.

However, a large update at the end of 2019 came out. Within this new update, keys and crates were removed from the game. Instead, blueprints and credits were introduced. Blueprints replacing crates and keys being replaced with credits. This provided more stable and safer transactions for customers, removing the ‘gambling’ aspect of players not knowing what they were going to win opening the crates.

Pricing of Items

There are thousands of Rocket League items. So knowing the price of every item off by heart is practically impossible. Especially if you’re just starting out!

Knowing the price of every item is crucial, ensuring you get the best deal out of every trade.

You can find out the value in terms of credits for every item in the game through RL Insider. This website is available for PC, PSN, and Xbox players. You can also install the RL Insider bot on a Discord server, saving you time every time you need to check an item’s value.

Tips Against Scammers!

Pysonix definitely did a fantastic job at limiting the number of scams performed. Previously, 1 player would have to go first and put all their trust that the other player would offer their returns. This led to many people taking the items they wanted and not following up on the deal.

Now, both players must trade at the same time and accept their offerings before the completion of the trade.

So how can you still get scammed? Whenever someone sends you a link, do not click it! No matter how legit the link is.

Furthermore, I would recommend the use of a middleman. A middleman is only required if you’re trading with real like money. How does it work? Let’s say you’re wanting 10,000 credits and you’ll be paying £50. The person who has the 10,000 credits would give them to the middleman who then confirms they have received the credits. You would then pay the £50 and then the middleman gives you the credits. These people are trusted traders who you can rely on. They can be found in many different Discord servers or by just searching for one on Google.

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