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hypixel server ip

Hypixel Network

The most popular Minecraft server, home to over 35 games available to play.

MCHub server


MCHub has a highly active player base that provides Prison and Skyblock with so many fun features.

jartexnetwork server ip


Join this active player base through java edition or even cracked Minecraft.

minecadia server


Join one of the largest cross-platform servers that provide fun games with awesome unique features.

applemc server


Join the best survival-based server with classical survival, Lifesteal, and Earth SMP. It also has awesome parkour and PvP gamemodes.

2b2t server ip


Join the oldest no-rules survival server that has kept the same map for over 12 years.

herobrine server ip


A popular MC server with many cool game modes including factions, bedwars, Earth, and more.

mineland server

Mineland Metaverse

Play and create awesome minigames. This server has over 1,000 games created.

gamster minecraft server


This server offers a fun, competitive, and friendly environment.

lemoncloud server


Join now to play a range of the best game modes such as Factions, Skyblock, and more.

cubecraft minecraft server

CubeCraft Games

CubeCraft strives to make the best games to bring the most fun for its players.

PikaNetwork server


An OG Minecraft server that has been at the very top for many years. Available for both Java and cracked players.

blocksmc server


BlocksMC is a popular Arabic server that is also available in English. It offers a wide range of game modes to play.

loverfella minecraft server


LoverFella is a famous Minecraft YouTuber. Join his MC server here to play daily events and more.

minemalia server


MineMalia has a large community player base that has been around since 2012. It offers several of your favorite gamemodes including Bedwars, Lifesteal, Duels, Factions, Skyblock and more.

pokefind minecraft server


Become a trainer and start your Pokemon journey here. PokeFind has combined Pokemon in Minecraft, attracting thousands of trainers.

invadedlands minecraft server


InvadedLands is owned by the well-known Minecraft YouTuber, Skeppy. 

purple prison server

Purple Prison

Purple Prison provides the best MC prison experience. It has over 8 years of experience specialising in this game mode.

complex gaming minecraft server

Complex Gaming

Join one of the most active servers that offer many game modes for you to enjoy.

minecraft server


Join this rapidly growing Minecraft server owned by SB737, a Minecraft YouTuber with almost 4 million subs.

opblocks minecraft server


Join this large player based server that has Pixelmon, Skyblock, Survival, Prison, & Creative.

mineplex server ip


Join now to play one of the most well-known Minecraft servers in the world.

akumamc server


With a growing player base, AkumaMC offers an awesome twist on OP Prison with Skyblock & Survival coming soon.

BlossomCraft server


A specialized survival server with custom items and a unique texture pack. We’re certain survival lovers will blossom on this server.

InsanityCraft Minecraft Server


Join thousands of active players to conquer the Factions, Skyblock, and Survival worlds with awesome unique features added.

PokeSaga server


An epic Pixelmon Minecraft server! Find out the server IP and how to install the required Pixelmon modpack.

fruity smp server


Fruity SMP is an LGBTQ+ Minecraft server that provides players with a safe environment.

minemen club server

Minemen Club

The most popular PvP and 1.7-1.8 Minecraft server out there! Join this competitive PvP server.

pixelmon realms server

Pixelmon Realms

A popular Pixelmon Minecraft Server with an easy installation process.

donut smp server

Donut SMP

The most popular multiplayer hardcore survival server.

pvp legacy server

PvP Legacy

The PvP Legacy is a 1.16-1.19 Minecraft server that purely focuses on PvP duels.

HavenCraft Server


HavenCraft is a survival-focused server with a small and friendly community.

gommehd minecraft server


An awesome server offering tons of unique gamemodes you cannot find anywhere else!

wild prison server


One of the most active OP Prison servers with almost endless customized features. 

MineBerry server


One of the most popular MC servers going with gamemodes such as Bedwars, Survival, Murder Mystery, and more to play.

neo network server


A new, rapidly growing Minecraft server that provides high quality gamemodes in Skyblock, Survival, and Prison.

jackpotmc server


JackpotMC attracts hundreds of active players to play awesome multiplayer survival modes such as Lifesteal and Earth SMP.

pokehub server


A Cobblemon server that provides a unique Minecraft experience that mixes Pokemon and Minecraft together

manacube ip


Join one of the most active and long-lasting MC servers that provides all of your favorite gamemodes.