Biomass Rocket League

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The Rocket League Biomass is a black market decal that was released in December 2016 within the Champions Crate 4. After receiving a lot of positive feedback from the community, Pysonix decided to add it to the Turbo crate as well as many Easter and Halloween events. 

On this item information page, you can find out more about the price of the RL Biomass decal, if it has any painted variants, some cool biomass car designs, how to get the biomass, and more!

How much is the Biomass Decal worth in Rocket League?

See the prices of the Rocket League Biomass decal for all four platforms through the button below. As this decal has been out for many years, it has fallen in value over time. At the start of 2017, it had a sudden drop in its valuation and has since had a gradual decline in price.

The Biomass decal does not come in any paints.

These prices are updated frequently on that site.

Rocket League Biomass Designs

Want some inspiration to use your Biomass decal in a cool car design?

We have created some of the best car designs that include the RL Biomass decal below. The Biomass has an animated design, so check out our YouTube video to see these designs in their full form.

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Red Biomass Design

rocket league biomass

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Black Fennec
  • Decal- Biomass
  • Wheels- Stern in black
  • Primary color- Red
  • Secondary color- Not required

Sky Blue Biomass Design

biomass rocket league

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Titanium white Takumi
  • Decal- Biomass
  • Wheels- Sky Blue Petacio
  • Primary color- Blue
  • Secondary color- Not required

Orange Biomass Design

rl biomass

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Black Octane
  • Decal- Biomass
  • Wheels- Burnt Sienna Zombas
  • Primary color- Orange
  • Secondary color- Not required

Green Biomass Design

biomass design

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Black Octane
  • Decal- Biomass
  • Wheels- Forest Green X-Tempo: Radiant
  • Primary color- Green
  • Secondary color- Not required
Best Biomass Designs

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Why the Biomass Decal is so important in your Car Design

Your selected Rocket League decal accounts for almost all of your car’s visual image and is therefore, the most important aspect of your car design.

When designing Rocket League cars, I always select the decal and its color before I choose the wheels. By following this method, it becomes easier and quicker to create your ideal car design.

Ways to get the Biomass Rocket League Decal

When crates were still in the game, the Biomass could be found in the Champions Crate 4 and the Turbo crate. Now crates have been removed, there are alternative methods on how to get the Biomass in Rocket League.


Blueprints were the replacement of crates. They guarantee the item it displays rather than crates, which was a form of gambling.
They can be acquired by exchanging crates to blueprints or through rewards at the end matches.
If you manage to get hold of the Biomass blueprint, you then need the required credits to unlock the decal.

RL item websites

Another way to get the Biomass decal is through websites that sell Rocket League items. Be careful though, some can  be a scam. That’s why we recommend using Aoeah who are a reliable company with fast delivery times. If you order the Biomass decal or any other item, you usually will have the decal in your account within 15 minutes after trading with a member of their team. This time is an estimate average. I usually receive items quicker than 15 minutes but it can take longer. 


Trading can allow you to get this decal for the cheapest price or even free!

If you have any items in your inventory that are worth some credits and you do not need them, you might be able to save enough credits to get the Biomass decal without having to spend a penny on credits. The Biomass is one of the cheaper black market decals so this is a highly recommended option if you want to save money.


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