Black Stern Rocket League Wheels

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The Rocket League Black Stern wheels are an extremely popular set due to their all black design. 

Stern wheels are also available in all other paints. 

On this item information page, you can find out more about the prices, some cool car designs involving the Black Stern wheels, and more.

Rocket League Black Stern Designs

Want some inspiration to use your Black Stern wheels in a cool car design?

We have created 4 of the best car designs using the RL Black Stern wheels.

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Black Stern Design 1

black stern rocket league

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Black Fennec
  • Decal- Fennec: Huntress
  • Wheels- Black Stern
  • Primary color- Lighter green
  • Secondary color- Black

Black Stern Design 2

rocket league black stern

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Black Octane
  • Decal- Parallax
  • Wheels- Black Stern
  • Primary color- Red
  • Secondary color- Black

Black Stern Design 3

rocket league black stern wheels

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Black Dominus
  • Decal- Glorifier
  • Wheels- Black Stern
  • Primary color- Orange
  • Secondary color- Black

Black Stern Design 4

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Black Octane
  • Decal- Octane: Nice Shot in black
  • Wheels- Black Stern
  • Primary color- Green
  • Secondary color- Black
Best Black Stern Design

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Rocket League Black Stern Prices

The link above takes you through to Aoeah which showcases the Black Stern Rocket League prices on all platforms and all available paints. These prices are not rounded up or down and are updated daily meaning you get the most accurate pricing compared to other RL pricing platforms. 

All Painted Variations of the Exotic Black Stern Wheels

Other than the black Stern, these are the other colors this wheel comes in. 

These wheels have no blueprint so there is no price to compare its trading valuations.

Why the Black Stern wheels are important in your Car Design

The wheels on a car design are like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle. The last piece has to fit for the jigsaw to be complete. Likewise, the wheels have to match the decal and colors for the design to be complete.

Generally, when designing Rocket League cars I choose the decal and its color before I select the wheels. But sometimes you have a favorite set of wheels that just have to fit. In that case, the wheels go first and the decal and colors come after.

How to get the Rocket League Black Stern Wheels?

There are many ways on how to obtain the Black Stern Rocket League wheels.

The default Stern wheels are provided to all players’ inventories when they first launch the game. However, any painted variants such as the black stern must be obtained via purchasing or trading.

Black Stern wheels are obtainable in three different rarities. These are uncommon, very rare, and exotic. Uncommon were given to players through in-game rewards for completing matches. This was scrapped by Pysonix a long time ago but these will still be roaming around. Because there are no new uncommon Black Stern wheels being brought out into the markets, the price of these wheels are slightly greater than the other rarities. Therefore, if you are just after the design and uninterested in the rarity of the item, we recommend going for the very rare or exotic versions.

1. Trade-ups- Trade-ups are the cheapest method, but do not guarantee results. You trade up 5 replica or unwanted items in return for 1 item that is the next level in terms of rarity. For example, you can trade up 5 rare items and receive 1 very rare item in return. This 1 very rare item is completely randomized.

2. Buying- Purchasing the Black Stern wheels in-game or via reliable item selling websites is a common option. It saves time and using item selling websites can often get you a reasonable price. 

3. Player to player trades- Another cheap method and potentially free. This can be the most time consuming of the lot though! Check the price of your desired item so you know how many credits is required. You then need to trade to that amount of credits, or purchase those amount of credits. You can trade any unwanted items that have some value or if purchasing, it is cheaper to go through websites such as Aoeah (see green button links at the top of this page). Once you have these credits, you can then perform a player to player trade for your credits in exchange for their RL Black Stern wheels. Finding players who are selling this item is very simple. Just search into Google ‘Rocket League trading website’ or ‘Rocket League trading discord’.

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