Buffy-Sugo Rocket League

rocket league buffy sugo

The Rocket League Buffy-Sugo is a black market goal explosion that was released in October 2020, as part of the game’s revamped season 1.

Find out this item’s prices, a showcase of all its available paints, what this goal explosion does, and how to get this item.

Painted Variants

The Buffy-Sugo RL item is one of the newer black market goal explosions.

Blueprint crafting costs for this item are 2,000 credits for the default version, 2,500 for the tw color, and 2,200 for all others.

If you purchased any of these paints in the summer of 2021 and sold it now (November 2022), you would have doubled your RL credits.

Rocket League Buffy-Sugo Showcase

The Buffy-Sugo has a fairly unique concept to other BM goal explosions so here is a video showcasing each paint available in this item.

What Does the RL Buffy-Sugo Goal Explosion Do?

First of all, it is important to understand that this goal explosion only works in normal Rocket League playlists. When I say normal, I mean this item will not work in playlists such as hoops etc.

When you score a goal, an anime character appears from the goal and does a 180 degree spin with a large love heart surrounding her. The love heart color depends on your item’s paint. This goal explosion also produces slightly more sound/tune compared to other goal explosions. I don’t know much about anime so apologies if you got annoyed by my weak explanation!

How to get the Buffy-Sugo in Rocket League

  • Blueprints- To know if this is the cheapest method, compare the blueprint cost and trading valuation for your wanted color. Both are listed in this pricing section. If the blueprint cost is lower than the trading value, then unlocking the blueprint will be cheaper. For example, at the time of writing, only the Saffron paint is valued more expensive than its actual trading price.
  • Trading- This method involves a transaction between you and another trader. You trade credits in return for your desired paint. If you do not have enough credits then you can buy cheap Rocket League credits from Aoeah which will work out cheaper than in-game.
  • Trading in 5 exotic items could also provide you with a chance to obtain this decal (not guaranteed).

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