Carbonator Rocket League

rocket league carbonator

The Rocket League Carbonator is a goal explosion under the black market rarity. It is one of the newer black market items as it was released in August 2021 along with the Auriga series.

Find out the Carbonator prices, a showcase of all its available paints, what use this item has, and how to get it for free or at the cheapest price.

All Paints

All paints are available for this item.

Blueprints cost 2,500 for titanium white, 2,000 for the default and burnt sienna, whilst all other colors cost 2,200 to craft.

Rocket League Carbonator Showcase

If you are unsure which Carbonator paint you want, we highly recommend watching our short video to see all the colors in action.

What Does the Carbonator Goal Explosion Do?

This black market goal explosion is like an underwater scene. When you score with this item equipped, large bubbles will emerge from the goal, covering the whole net from floor to roof. This makes you feel like you’re underwater. Possibly an ideal goal explosion for the Aquadome map?

How to get the RL Carbonator in Rocket League

One way to obtain this item is through blueprints or the in-game item shop. These methods are similar because they cost the same amount of credits. This is often the most expensive method because trading valuations tend to be lower than the in-game item price. In some circumstances, this method is cheaper. We can only tell you how to check because the trading values change frequently. To check if this method if cheaper for your desired color, compare the trading value to the blueprint cost. Both are listed in this pricing section. Whichever price is lower is the more affordable one. Note that any items purchased from the item shop cannot be traded.

A replacement method would be to purchase from trustable third-party sites. We recommend using Aoeah (see our green button links) because they have been in the market since the very beginning and provide cheaper prices than in-game. Trade at your own risk.

If you do not fancy paying for this item, you could test your luck by trading in 5 exotic items in exchange for 1 black market item. The black market item you receive is random. 

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