How to Improve Wall Play in Rocket League

Jul 16  admin  

Wall play can be used in many passages of play. In this article we’ll look atthe key aspects of using the wall to ranking up, including: How to know if the ball is or is not touching the wallStarting with […]

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How to Apply Constant Pressure in Rocket League

Jun 30  admin  

Constant Pressure has developed in Rocket League and football over the past few years. In football, we’ve seen managers such as Jurgen Klopp’s sides pressuring opponents so effectively. In Rocket League, it can just be as effective when done correctly.

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How to Aerial in Rocket League

Jun 14  admin  

As you climb the Rocket League ranks, aerials become a fundamental aspect of the game. Why Aerials are Essential in Rocket League How to Aerial in Rocket League for Beginners This is the first stage of learning how to aerial. […]

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How to get an Early Lead in Rocket League

Jun 08  admin  

It doesn’t take a genius to realize scoring first means you have a higher chance of winning. But let’s investigate the statistics and how to improve your chances. A study by NerdWord who pulled matches from Rocket League replays shows […]

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Rocket League and Black Market Drops – What You Need to Know

Feb 01  admin  

Rocket League has been free to play since 2020. However, as with many freemium games, developer Psyonix has come up with several different ways to monetize gameplay. Originally, so-called Crates were available, standing in for loot boxes found in other […]

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Top 10 Car Designs in Rocket League

Oct 19  admin  

Choosing the perfect fit for your Rocket League car is never an easy decision. That is why we have created 10 awesome Rocket League car designs for you to take inspiration from!

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Top 10 Cheap Rocket League Car Designs

Sep 26  admin  

Many Rocket League items can be extremely costly. Especially the titanium white and black paints. That is why we have created a top 10 list of the best cheap Rocket League designs, all under 250 credits.

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7 All White Car Designs in Rocket League

Sep 14  admin  

Titanium white Rocket League items are the most desired paint in the game. So in this article, we have put together 7 of the best Rocket League white car designs.

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All Black Car Designs in Rocket League

Sep 07  admin  

Having a complete black car design in Rocket League is like the holy grail. It is dreamt by many players in the community. This article showcases 5 of the best Rocket League black car designs.

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Black Octane Designs in Rocket League

Aug 14  admin  

The black Octane has just been released into the game. An item that we could see coming for a while since the black Fennec was added. In this article, we showcase some of the best designs using the black Octane.

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