Chakram Rocket League- Designs, Prices & Details

rocket league chakram designs

The Rocket League Chakram wheels have been around since almost the beginning of the game as they were released in the first ever Champions crate, in September 2016.

On this item information page, you can find out more about the price of the Chakram Rocket League wheels, the cheapest way how to get the Chakram wheels, and some awesome car designs involving Chakram wheels.

Rocket League Chakram Prices

The link above takes you through to Aoeah which showcases the Chakram Rocket League prices on all platforms and all available paints. These prices are not rounded up or down and are updated daily meaning you get the most accurate pricing compared to other RL pricing platforms. 

Painted Chakram Wheels

Only Crimson is not obtainable as the default Chakram is painted red so if you were interested in the Crimson color, just get the default version. Many wheels such as sky blue, purple, pink, and many more paints have kept a very stable price in recent years and some have in fact risen by 50 credits in valuation in this time frame. However, the black and titanium white colors have encountered quite volatile valuations since 2016. Therefore, we recommend to get these black and tw wheels on a dip rather than at their peak.

Rocket League Chakram Designs

All Chakram wheels offer a clean finish to a car design so we have created a design involving each possible Chakram paint in this video. 

Let us know in the YouTube comments which is your favorite painted Chakram wheel and which design you preferred the most?

How to get the Rocket League Chakram Wheels?

The Chakram Rocket League wheels are a very rare item. This means in your inventory, you can trade in five rare items in exchange for 1 very rare item. Who knows, you may just hit the jackpot and land the item you want. But there are so many very rare items in the game, that it is unlikely. If this works, then it has cost you nothing.

So what are some guaranteed methods? Crafting the Chakram blueprint can be a guaranteed way, but an expensive one. You need to check the blueprint crafting cost for your desired paint (which we will list below) compared to the trading value (displayed above). If the trading value is above the blueprint cost then the blueprint is the best method. If not, then you should continue reading cheaper alternatives below. Default and burnt sienna cost 200 credits to craft the blueprint. Titanium White Chakram wheels are 400 to craft, whilst all other paints cost 300 credits.

Because these wheels are tradeable, there are cheaper substitute methods to get the RL Chakram wheels. These involve player-to-player trading. You will have to have the required credits in your inventory or work towards those amounts of credits. Lastly, buying the items from sites such as Aoeah is a cheap way of obtaining the item. Please trade at your own risk.

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