Cyclone Rocket League

cyclone rocket league

The Rocket League Cyclone car was released on July 30, 2018, as in import item.

Find out the best Cyclone designs, prices, hitbox, and more.

Best Cyclone Rocket League Designs

The Cyclone has a smooth car-body shape which helps create some sublime car designs.

Check out the 4 designs we have created below. 2 for the orange team, and 2 for the blue team.

Cyclone Design 1

rocket league cyclone

Items used on this Cyclone car:

  • Body- Pink Cyclone
  • Decal- Sky blue ZonTron
  • Wheels- Sky blue Rocket League Zombas
  • Primary color- Cyan
  • Secondary color- Pink/purple

Cyclone Design 2

best cyclone designs

Items used on this Cyclone car:

  • Body- Default Cyclone
  • Decal- Orange Thawed
  • Wheels- Crimson FSL wheels
  • Primary color- Red
  • Secondary color- Black

Cyclone Design 3

cyclone rocket league car

Items used on this Cyclone car:

  • Body- Lime Cyclone
  • Decal- Cyclone: Whiteout
  • Wheels- Lime Astro-CSX
  • Primary color- Purple
  • Secondary color- Black

Cyclone Design 4

rocket league cyclone car

Items used on this Cyclone car:

Best Cyclone Car Design

Select your favorite car design

Rocket League Cyclone Prices

The link above takes you through to Aoeah which showcases the Cyclone Rocket League prices on all platforms and all available paints. These prices are not rounded up or down and are updated daily meaning you get the most accurate pricing compared to other RL pricing platforms. 

After an initial crash in this vehicle’s price when it was first launched, it has since maintained a fairly stable and consistent valuation since late 2018 (note that prices can fluctuate so its pricing may have changed). 

Painted Variations

The Cyclone is not obtainable in black. It is not out in Sideswipe at the moment, but can be obtained on all other platforms such as Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch.

Rocket League Cyclone Hitbox

The RL Cyclone vehicle was built and designed to have the same hitbox as the breakout, which explains why it has a flatter shape. 

The Cyclone car dimensions are as follows: (rounded to 2 decimal points)

Which vehicles have the same hitbox as the Cyclone?

Benefits of using the Cyclone Vehicle

We’ve already mentioned that the Cyclone has a flatter car-body shape. This comes with benefits and drawbacks. Firstly, a benefit includes making it simpler to dribble with the ball and keeping it off the ground. However, a drawback is that you may experience less consistent hits in terms of power.

Despite having less height and a flatter shape, the Cyclone is a fairly long vehicle in the game. This can help get to the ball quicker than your opponent. Remember that you still need to get a solid hit otherwise you may come off the challenge worse than your opponent. Getting to the ball early doesn’t always mean you will win the ball.

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