Dominus Rocket League

sky blue dominus design

The Rocket League Dominus car has been in the game since the very beginning (July 2015). It was originally a premium vehicle but the default version is now available in all new players’ inventories.

On this item information page, you can find out more about the price, it’s painted variations, how to get the Dominus, the benefits of using this vehicle, Dominus car designs, and more.

Rocket League Dominus Designs

The shape of the Dominus car body allows for some cool Dominus car designs. Check out some of our favorite in this video:

How much is the Dominus worth in Rocket League?

The Dominus Rocket League price is quite low for the default version. This is because new players get it free which has massively driven the price down.

If you purchased Rocket League before it became free-to-play, then you may not have the Dominus car.

These prices are valued in credits and are for the default car. Prices of the painted variants are further down.

Prices may have fluctuated since this page was last updated.

Dominus Painted Variants

All colors are accessible on the Dominus. However, the black Dominus is untradeable and only obtainable through Esport bundles, team colors, or Bakkesmod (PC players only).

The titanium white Dominus is one of the most expensive and rarest vehicles in the game.

All prices are based on RL credits and only PC prices are shown. Prices may have fluctuated since this page was last updated.

Rocket League Dominus Hitbox

The Dominus Rocket League car provides the founding hitbox dimensions for many other vehicles in the game. This vehicle was a well-loved and used car, so Pysonix used the identical hitbox on all the other cars listed below.

The RL Dominus car dimensions are as follows: (rounded to 2 decimal points)

Which vehicles have the same hitbox as the Dominus?

Benefits and Drawbacks of using the Dominus Rocket League Vehicle

Compared to the Octane hitbox, the Dominus lacks in height. This can lead to less powerful, consistent hits which may impact shooting in particular. As well as being slightly detrimental to shooting, lower height dimensions may lead to you winning fewer 50/50 challenges. This can especially impact kick-offs. 

On the other hand, the Dominus is much longer than the Octane dimensions. This should make dribbling with the ball on top of your vehicle easier due to there being a larger surface area for the ball to stay on. It also allows flicking the ball from this situation to be faster and easier. Overall, these benefits can aid 1v1 and 2v2 matches due to there been more open spaces and dribbling opportunities. Another benefit of a longer car is that it has a longer reach meaning you may beat your opponents to the ball more often.

These benefits and drawbacks are only minor differences to your game but a few percentages can have a massive impact over the long run.

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