Best Dominus Rocket League Designs

Best Dominus Rocket League Designs

Apr 25 admin  

In this article, we will showcase the top 5 Rocket League Dominus designs that you may wish to take inspiration from on your own car design.

Released in 2015, the Dominus car was brought out only 1 month after Rocket League was first made available. Originally, the standard Dominus Rocket League car had to be purchased through a DLC but it is now available in every player’s inventory. Its painted variations, however, have to be obtained through purchasing or trading.

Best Dominus Designs in Rocket League

If you want to purchase any of these painted Dominus cars or other items used in these designs, then I suggest using Aoeah. I have been using Aoeah myself for many years as they offer the cheapest prices with quick delivery times. Use my code: MBDESIGNS for 6% off!

All the designs displayed below are showcased in this YouTube video, giving you a better observation of the vehicle’s animations.

Dominus Huntress Design

dominus rocket league design

This second default style provides more of a stealth look. It is a much more costly car because of the use of the black Dieci wheels. However, if you cannot afford these wheels then other good alternatives are the Cristiano wheels or the black Tunicas.

Items used on this car:

  • Body- Dominus
  • Decal- Dominus: Huntress
  • Wheels- Black Dieci wheels
  • Primary color- Dark blue- the darker the primary color, the stealthier the car looks. A lighter color does also work with this decal though so just test out which you prefer!
  • Secondary color- Black

Dominus Suji Design

Most players will be rocking the default Dominus since all players have access to it, so here is another default design.

dominus design

This is a fairly cheap design as all players have the default Dominus in your inventories. All you need is the decal and wheels which are:

  • Body- Dominus
  • Decal- Dominus: Suji in titanium white
  • Wheels- Titanium white Septems
  • Primary color- Darkish red- The darker the primary color, the better the look in my opinion.
  • Secondary color- Black

Check out the YouTube video or my Instagram page to view the exact colors used or just match it up yourself.

Sky Blue Dominus Design

sky blue dominus design

I absolutely love this color combination on this Hex Tide decal. Its animation is difficult to describe and showcase in one image so make sure to check out the YouTube video above or my Instagram page to see it in full flow!

Items and colors used:

  • Body- Dominus in sky blue
  • Decal- Hex Tide in cobalt
  • Wheels- Gripstride HX: Inverted in cobalt
  • Primary color- Dark blue
  • Secondary color- Black

ps. whichever color combo you prefer, make sure the Hex Tide is painted; the primary is a darker color and the secondary color is black otherwise this design will not work as well.

Dominus Exalter

dominus orange design

The Exalter falls into the medium price range for black market decals. From my point of view, it is best used in the black paint whilst using black as your secondary color. The primary color can be anything of your choice, I just used orange in this instance.

Items and colors used:

  • Body- Dominus
  • Decal- Black Exalter
  • Wheels- Dimonix: Inverted in black
  • Primary color- Orange
  • Secondary color- Black

Let me know in the comments below which Dominus car is your favorite!?

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