Draco Rocket League

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The Rocket League Draco wheels are well-known for its titanium white variant. 

Draco wheels were released in May 2017 within the Nitro crate. 

On this item information page, you can find out more about the price of the Draco wheels, its painted variations and their prices, how to get the Draco’s, and some cool car designs involving Draco wheels.

How much are the Draco Wheels worth in Rocket League?

The default Draco wheels do not cost a lot of credits as many of its painted versions are highly valued. The prices below are for the unpainted Draco and prices for its painted wheels are further down this page.

Prices are valued in Credits.

Prices are updated as often as possible but please note that they could be out of date.

All Painted Variations of the Draco Wheels

The prices of all the painted variants of the Draco wheels along with how to get that item are listed below. Prices are in credits for PC players only and they may have changed since we last updated this page. We aim to update prices as often as possible.

Draco wheels can be obtained in all paints.

The titanium white Draco wheels have maintained a steady price for the last few years but they used to be worth 18,000 credits when they were first released.

Rocket League Draco Designs

Keep an eye out for our Rocket League Draco designs coming soon to our website and YouTube!

Why the Draco wheels are important in your Car Design

The wheels on a car design are like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle. The last piece has to fit for the jigsaw to be complete. Likewise, the wheels have to match the decal and colors for the design to be complete.

Generally, when designing Rocket League cars I choose the decal and its color before I select the wheels. But sometimes you have a favorite set of wheels that just have to fit. In that case, the wheels go first and the decal and colors come after.

How to get the Draco Wheels in Rocket League

  1. Trading- Selling unwanted items in exchange for credits or buying items for cheap and selling them for more can be free ways to get the Draco wheels. But trading does not have to be that complicated. If you have the required credits then it will probably be cheaper to trade your credits with someone who has your desired Draco wheels rather than buying the wheels direct.
  2. Blueprints- Every painted Draco has its own blueprint. These blueprints can be gained through playing matches and receiving end of game rewards. When you get the Draco blueprint, you will need the required credits to unlock the item for it to be yours. The unpainted blueprint costs 700 credits. Titanium white blueprint costs 1000 credits to craft. All other paints cost 900 credits to craft. You can get these prices much cheaper through trading or RL Item websites.
  3. RL Item Sites- Talking about item selling websites, you can get the Draco wheels you are craving for cheap and quick delivery times. We recommend using Aoeah as they are a reliable company that have been offering the cheapest prices in the market for many years.
  4. Events- The Draco Rocket League wheels could be found in Halloween or Easter events but have not featured in any of these latest events. 

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