Dueling Dragons Rocket League

rocket league dueling dragons

Arguably one of the best goal explosions in the game, the Rocket League Dueling Dragons has been a well-loved and highly demanded item for over 5 years. It is a black market goal explosion that was released in the Velocity crate back in December 2017.

On this page you can see the Dueling Dragons’ prices, a showcase of every color, and more.

Rocket League Dueling Dragons Showcase

A picture does not do this goal explosion enough justice so we recommend watching our short video, which displays the stunning animation of every color.

Dueling Dragons Rocket League Price

All Dueling Dragon Colors

This black market item is available in all paints but grey and burnt sienna do not have a price valuation in the market. All colors have a blueprint but we have struggled to find any roaming around in the market, implying how rare they are. If you happen to find a grey or burnt sienna blueprint, then the grey would cost 2,200 credits and burnt sienna would cost 2,000 credits, so these indicators could represent its rough trading value.

What Does the RL Dueling Dragons Goal Explosion Do?

Those that have been playing Rocket League for many years will have seen this goal explosion used by many players. It is less common to see these days but probably more due to there being a wider variety of black market goal explosions to use. We still see this goal explosion as an all-time great.

When you score a goal with this goal explosion equipped, two huge animated dragons come soaring from the net and cross paths. A blue and pink dragon makes up the default version and if you have a painted variation, then both dragons will be that color. We believe the reason this goal explosion is so admired is the height and distance these dragons navigate to in such a short space of time that goal explosions’ are played. The dragons almost reach the half way line.

How to get the Dueling Dragons in Rocket League

The Dueling Dragons Rocket League goal explosion is also available on Sideswipe. The only way to get it on RL Sideswipe is to wait for it to reappear in the item shop.

For all other platforms, blueprints are generally a popular method. However, they are extremely rare to find for this particular item. You can obtain a blueprint by trading with another player or through rewards for playing matches. 

Easier methods include trading with other players who have your desired Dueling Dragon paint or purchasing directly from third-party sites. Player-to-player trading involves you giving them credits, items, or cash that have the equivalent value of the item you are receiving. Third-party sites such as Aoeah always have the item available, unlike the in-game item shop. If you are interested in this method, click the green button above.

A free way to get this black market item is to trade in 5 exotic items from your garage. This will grant you 1 random black market item meaning it is not guaranteed.

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