Electroshock Rocket League

rocket league electroshock

The Rocket League Electroshock was one of the black market goal explosions that were brought out within the Overdrive crate in July 2017.

On this item page, you can find updated Electroshock prices, all the painted colors, what animation this goal explosion does, and more.

Rocket League Electroshock Showcase

Even though not all paints have been released yet, we have created a brief showcase video for every paint as well as all paints that could be added. 

Electroshock Rocket League Price

All Electroshock Colors

The Electroshock does not have any tradeable colors. However, some paints do get released from time to time in the in-game item shop. Therefore, the prices below display the item shop’s price and what type of item it was released as. If a color has not been added to the item shop in the past, then it will display as ‘Not Released Yet’.

All prices are in credits.

What Does the RL Electroshock Goal Explosion Do?

When equipped and you score a goal in the opposition net, a large dust/cloud covers a vast majority of the net. Electric lightning bolts then shock through the cloud particles, making a cool goal explosion. The cloud and electric shocks change color dependant on the paint you are using.

How to get the Electroshock in Rocket League

The Electroshock Rocket League goal explosion is a fairly unique item in terms of its availability. Its default version is widely accessible in which it can be obtained through trade-ins, player-to-player trading, the in-game item shop, and third-party sites. However, the painted variants are untradeable which eliminates the majority of these options besides one, the in-game item shop. Yes, the only way to obtain any painted Electroshock goal explosions is to patiently wait for a color to be released back into the shop. Not including the default, painted variants have been added to the daily item shop a total of 11 times for 10 colors. The Saffron has been added twice over different periods.

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