Exalter Rocket League Decal- Prices, Designs & Details

exalter rocket league

The Rocket League Exalter is a black market decal that was released in February 2021 at the start of season 2, along with the Air Strike goal explosion.

It is available in all paints.

On this Exalter information page, you can find out Exalter prices, car designs including this decal, how to get this item, and more.

Rocket League Exalter Designs

Want some inspiration to use your Exalter decal in a cool car design?

We have created 4 of the best Exalter car designs using 4 different paints. 

You can also vote for your favorite design below!

Saffron Exalter Design

exalter rocket league

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Rocket League Fennec
  • Decal- Saffron Exalter
  • Wheels- Tremor
  • Primary color- Dark red
  • Secondary color- Grey

Default Exalter Design

rocket league exalter

Items used in this car design:

Purple Exalter Design

exalter designs

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Purple Octane
  • Decal- Purple Exalter
  • Wheels- Purple Draco
  • Primary color- Purple
  • Secondary color- Dark Blue

TW Exalter Design

exalter rocket league decal

Items used in this car design:

Best Exalter Design

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Exalter Rocket League Price

These prices are measured in credits and are the item’s trading value, not its blueprint cost. The blueprint cost is 2,000 credits on all platforms. Prices are updated daily on the Aoeah site.

Painted Exalters

The Exalter Rocket League decal can be obtained in all painted colors.

Prices via the blue link are the trading valuations of the painted item so if these valuations are lower than the blueprint crafting cost, it is cheaper to obtain it through trading or another method that does not involve its blueprint. Vice versa, if the valuation is higher than its blueprint cost, we recommend crafting the blueprint to get the cheapest price. Blueprint values are 2,500 for the titanium white Exalter, 2,000 credits for the burnt sienna paint, and 2,200 for all other colors.

Why the Exalter is so important in your Car Design

Your selected Rocket League decal accounts for almost all of your car’s visual image and is therefore, the most important aspect of your car design.

When designing Rocket League cars, I always select the decal and its color before I choose the wheels. By following this method, it becomes easier and quicker to create your ideal car design.

How to get the Exalter in Rocket League

We have already discussed how to work out if crafting the blueprint is cheaper or not. If you missed that part, read the pricing sections. If you have read that part then you are probably reading this to find out another alternative cheaper option. In this section, we will provide information on different places the Exalter decal is obtainable. It is difficult to say which is the cheapest method now because that may have changed when you are reading this so we recommend browsing all these options to get the best price.

Firstly, a more time-consuming method would be the in-game item shop. However, only a couple of items are displayed here per day so the chances of the Exalter decal being listed are low. You would also be paying the blueprint price meaning you might be overpaying.

Another method involves buying from websites such as Aoeah (see green button links near the top of this page). Aoeah sell cheap RL credits and items. They are a legit, affordable, and reliable company. 

The final approach is through trading with other players. This would consist of you exchanging your credits with their Exalter decal. Check the Exalter’s trading valuation above so you know what amount of credits is a reasonable price. To find a trader, there are many RL trading websites and Discord servers, just do a quick Google search.

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