Fennec Rocket League

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The Rocket League Fennec car was released in July 2019 and it quickly gained popularity within the RL community. It is now the second most used car in the game behind the Octane.

There are many methods on how to get the Fennec. These include blueprints, trading, item-shop, or RL item-selling sites.

On this item information page, you can find out more about the price of the Fennec, it’s painted variations, how to get the Fennec using the button below, and more!

Rocket League Fennec Designs

The structure of the Fennec allows players to create some cool Fennec car designs. We created our favorite Fennec designs in this video:

How much is the Fennec worth in Rocket League?

The price of the default Fennec on all four platforms are displayed below. Note that these prices were last updated in June 2022 so prices may have fluctuated since then. If you want to check yourself, then search it up on RL Insider.

All Painted Variations of the Fennec

All the painted variations are listed of the Fennec along with their price on PC and the cheapest place to get the item. All prices are valued in credits and prices may have fluctuated since we last updated this page. We aim to update prices on all our Rocket League item information pages as often as possible but it might be worth checking the live value on RL Insider yourself.

Rocket League Fennec Hitbox

The Fennec Rocket League car has an identical hitbox to the Octane, which explains why it appealed to many players immediately on release.

The RL Fennec car dimensions are as follows: (rounded to 2 decimal points)

Which vehicles have the same hitbox as the Fennec?

Benefits of using the Fennec Vehicle

The benefits of the Fennec having the same hitbox as the Octane is that it is a good all-rounded vehicle. This is because the hitbox size is not too small and not too big and therefore, it provides a more consistent hit than what the other 5 hitboxes in the game offer.

Another benefit of this hitbox design is that players can dribble the ball easier at the front and sides of the Fennec. This is particularly important as you always want to be dribbling with the ball towards the front of your car as you advance forwards. Note that this hitbox only makes dribbling with the ball on top of your Fennec easier. So yes, you still have to practice it to get better!

The Fennec is not a perfect car but probably the best you can possibly get at this moment in time. Other vehicles beat the Fennec in certain situations. For example, cars under the Merc hitbox are more likely to win a 50/50 challenge against a Fennec. However, a player using the Fennec is more likely to beat a Merc player to the ball due to its easier handling. Another example are players using a vehicle with a Dominus hitbox are more likely to get to the ball sooner than a Fennec user due to its longer reach. But the Dominus player is likely to lose more 50/50 challenges. These are just a couple of examples. The advantages are very minor but can make that extra few percentage difference in your games.

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