Fire God Rocket League

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The Rocket League Fire God is a black market decal that was released in May 2018.

This unbelievable decal is admired by many players which led to Pysonix adding it to 6 different crates. 

On this Fire God information page, you can find out prices on all platforms, the best Fire God car designs, how to get this black market decal, and more.

Fire God Rocket League Price

The Rocket League Fire God decal is only available in its default style. It has no painted variations. This does not seem to limit its popularity and demand.

It is available on all four platforms, PC, Play Station Network (PSN), XBOX, and Switch. Prices of the Fire God decal are displayed below for all of these platforms. 

The blueprint crafting cost is 2,000 credits on all platforms. By obtaining the decal through a blueprint, it would mean you are massively overpaying as the trading prices are well below 2,000 credits.

Prices are in credits and are updated manually, as often as possible.

Rocket League Fire God Designs

The Fire God has such an iconic animation design that we will be bringing some car designs including this decal as soon as possible!

Why the Fire God is so important in your Car Design

Your selected Rocket League decal accounts for almost all of your car’s visual image and is therefore, the most important aspect of your car design.

When designing Rocket League cars, I always select the decal and its color before I choose the wheels. By following this method, it becomes easier and quicker to create your ideal car design.

How to get the Fire God in Rocket League

Crafting a FG blueprint is an option, but an expensive one. There are other ways on how to get the Fire God decal in Rocket League.

Firstly, a cheap, quick, and reliable method is to buy the decal on Aoeah. Use the green button at the top of this information page to visit their site. Aoeah sell cheap RL items and credits that tons of players in the RL community use.

Another cheaper method than crafting the blueprint is through player to player trading. You first need to know the price of the Fire God on your platform. Once you know this, you will need to find a trader who is selling your desired Fire God. This can be found on RL trading websites or Discords. Lets say for example, you find someone selling it for 500 credits and that is the cheapest price you can find. You then need 500 credits in your inventory. If you already have this amount, then perfect, but if not, you can get credits cheaper than in-game from Aoeah. Once you have the required credits, proceed with the trade of your credits in exchange for your desired Fire God.