Gravity Bomb Rocket League

rocket league gravity bomb

This Rocket League Gravity Bomb item is a black market goal explosion. When equipped its animation occurs when you score a goal. It was released in June 2020 during the Momentum series.

On this item page, you can find out more about the animation, prices, each colors showcase, and more.

Rocket League Gravity Bomb Showcase

A short video to display and showcase the full animation of each paint, enabling players to see which is their favorite color.

Gravity Bomb Rocket League Price

Painted Variants

This item is available in all paints, with blueprints available for each one. Blueprint crafting costs for each paint are as follows:

  • Titanium white- 2500 credits
  • Default & Burnt sienna- 2000 credits
  • All other paints- 2200 credits

What Does the RL Gravity Bomb Goal Explosion Do?

The Gravity Bomb goal explosion is like a black hole. When you score a goal with this item equipped, the goal explosion creates a black hole. This black hole’s gravity becomes so strong that it pulls any nearby players into the hole. Players’ cars who get sucked into the Gravity Bomb vanish until the goal celebration is finished. 

How to get the Gravity Bomb in Rocket League

With every paint having a blueprint, this is definitely one method. Probably the quickest method if you happen to have the blueprint already in your inventory.

Cheaper methods to crafting the blueprint tend to be trading, or buying rocket league credits or the item direct from sites such as Aoeah. Trading can be a free way if you happen to already have the required credits that someone is selling the item for. It can also be technically free if you seel any unwanted items that have some value as you do not have to spend anymore money/credits. 

Another free option would be to trade in 5 exotic items from your RL garage. Doing this will return you 1 black market item. Please note that this is random and therefore, not guaranteed which item you are rewarded.

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