How to Aerial in Rocket League

How to Aerial in Rocket League

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As you climb the Rocket League ranks, aerials become a fundamental aspect of the game.

Why Aerials are Essential in Rocket League

  1. Speed and Efficiency- Learning to aerial allows players to take advantage of balls in the air. This increases their pitch coverage instead of solely relying on ground-based movements.
  2. Offensive Play- Aerials provide another attacking option. Once you master this skill, you will start to score more goals in the air, contributing more goals to your team.
  3. Defensive Play- They also play a vital role in defense. Learning to fly can also prevent goals by saving higher shots and also blocking aerial shots.
  4. Ball control- In the higher ranks such as Grand Champion and above, players begin to control the ball in the air to have consecutive touches. This helps in numerous situations such as dribbling past an opponent in the air.

How to Aerial in Rocket League for Beginners

This is the first stage of learning how to aerial.

To reach a high ball, you need to:

  1. Jump
  2. Tilt backward/ facing upwards
  3. Boost

Practice this in freeplay training without a ball. Set small goals to begin, for example, can you touch the roof? Once you feel comfortable doing this without a ball, find a basic aerial training pack. Ideally, one that doesn’t have a moving ball to begin.

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How to Aerial in Rocket League for Advanced Players

Are you getting beat to the ball? Here are two reasons why:
• Hesitation
• Single jumping


Hesitation is normal. Everyone has been in situations where they’re not sure whether to go or not. This should improve over time once you’re able to read the bounces.

Double Jumping

When you’re confident of the basic aerials, you’ll want to start adding the double jump. To do this you will need to:

  1. Jump
  2. Tilt backwards/ facing upwards
  3. Jump again within 1.5 seconds
  4. Boost

Same as the basic aerials, practice this in free play without the ball then add the ball in aerial training once you become more confident.

Now you’re comfortable with the double jump, you can start to boost in between the two jumps for even quicker aerials. To do this you will need to:

  1. Jump
  2. Tilt backwards
  3. Boost
  4. Jump again within 1.5 seconds
  5. Continue to boost

Common Mistake-
When learning this new skill, most, if not all players will backflip. This is due to players panicking and trying to rush their aerial. To stop this, try to avoid holding your backward key bind whilst jumping.

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