How to Craft Mud Bricks in Minecraft

How to Craft Mud Bricks in Minecraft

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Mud bricks are a new block in the 1.19 update. This article discusses step by step how to craft a mud brick in Minecraft.

Minecraft: How to Craft Mud Bricks

1. Find a Mangrove swamp biome

The Mangrove swamp was a newly added biome to The Wild 1.19 update. This biome can be found next to hotter biomes, for example, deserts, jungles etc.

2. Mine mud blocks

Mud blocks are found all over the ground in the Mangrove swamp. Mine the required mud blocks you need in sets of 4. For example, if you need 20 mud bricks then mine 20 mud blocks. If you need 19 mud bricks then still mine 20 mud blocks as you can only craft in sets of 4.

3. Get Wheat

Surprisingly, wheat is a necessity in the crafting process for mud bricks. For most of you, wheat should be fairly straightforward to obtain. But if you need reminding, wheat can be acquired from a Minecraft village (fastest way if one is located nearby), or you can grow your own wheat from wheat seeds. Just break grass and eventually some wheat seeds will drop. Then right-click on a grass block with a hoe which will make it suitable for farming. Ensure water is within 4 blocks of the farming and place your wheat seeds. Wait for the seeds to grow into fully grown wheat or use bone meal to speed this process up.

4. How to Craft Packed Mud in Minecraft

The next stage to creating mud bricks is crafting packed mud. This can be done by placing a mud block and wheat next to each other in a crafting table, as shown in the image below.

how to craft packed mud in minecraft

5. How to Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

Using the packed mud you just crafted, place them in a crafting table identical to the image below.

how to craft mud bricks in minecraft

Following these steps will help you get mud bricks in Minecraft.

Warning tip! When mining mud bricks, you must use a pickaxe. Otherwise it does not drop.

Once you have your mud bricks, there are other blocks in can be crafted into. You may already know how to craft these and what they are but if not, here you go:

All these blocks use the same recipe as if you were to create them in another block variation.

How to make Mud Brick walls in Minecraft

Mud brick walls require 6 mud brick blocks but it creates 6 walls each time.

mud brick wall recipe

How to make Mud Brick stairs in Minecraft

Stairs are the only one where you lose blocks during the crafting process. You have to use 6 mud bricks to only craft 4 stairs…

minecraft mud brick stairs

How to make Mud Bricks slabs in Minecraft

These 3 mud bricks can be crafted on any row of the crafting table, as long as they go horizontally.

minecraft mud brick slabs

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