How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

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Finding buried treasure in Minecraft is a great way to acquire rare items very quickly! In this article, we explain exactly how to find Minecraft buried treasure.

How to Find Buried Treasure Minecraft

  1. Treasure Map– You first need to find a treasure map that displays where the treasure is buried. Treasure maps are only located in shipwrecks.
  2. How to Find a Shipwreck in Minecraft– Shipwrecks are found underwater, only in oceans. You will not find any in rivers or lakes. Most can be found near land meaning you do not have to travel too far out into the sea. I recommend using a boat to search faster. They can sometimes be hard to spot so going in a third-person perspective widens your view.
  3. Finding the Treasure Map– Once you have found a Shipwreck, search for chests. Shipwrecks hold between 1-3 chests. Not all shipwrecks obtain a treasure map. There is usually an air hole within the shipwreck for you to catch your breath.
  4. Using the Map– Hold down the right-click button for the map to display. The ‘X’ marker is where the treasure is buried. The white marker is where you are located.
  5. Key Rule to Remember– The treasure is often buried underground near the shore, in the same ocean as the shipwreck. The map does not tell us which direction is North etc, so we have to figure that out ourselves. Run or use your boat in one direction. Do not go away from the same ocean.
  6. Lining up the Markers– If you have gone in the correct direction, your character’s marker will begin to move on the map. Align the white marker with the ‘X’ marker as shown in the video above.
  7. Tracking down the Treasure– Once one of the axes is aligned, there are only two possible directions it could be. Take an educated guess based on the rule that the treasure is often buried in the same ocean near the shore.
  8. Where to dig down– To get the exact point, make sure your character’s marker is pointing to the top of the map. The bottom of your white marker should be the only visible part. Everything else should be covered by the ‘X’.
  9. How far down are treasure chests buried in Minecraft? Treasure chests are only buried 3-6 blocks underground.

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What can you find in a buried treasure chest in Minecraft?

What you find in these chests is random for the most part but these are the items you could expect to see:

  • Heart of the Sea- this is the only way to obtain this rare item in survival mode. This item is found in all treasure chests.
  • Diamonds
  • Emeralds
  • Gold ingots
  • Enchanted armor
  • Enchanted tools
  • Food
  • TNT
  • And more

Is Buried Treasure always under sand in Minecraft?

More often than not, yes. Most treasure chests will be found under the sand, below the Ocean shores.

However, there have been rare reports of treasure chests buried far underground, below the stone, and even chests laying above ground. I’m not sure if these are very rare to get or if these are due to an error in the game.

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