How to get SuperSonic Legend Rank in Rocket League

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As many of you may already know, Pysonix released three brand new ranks above Grand Champion. With the SuperSonic Legend becoming the new top rank, every player is now aspiring to achieve it. In this article, we will discuss tips and requirements needed to reach this goal.

What is the Rocket League SuperSonic Legend MMR?

As Super Sonic Legend has only just been released, it is not yet clear on the exact MMR required to reach SSL. However, once more players begin to reach this new top rank, the RL rank tracker website should display the MMR levels more clearly.

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We already know for a fact that SSL is much lower for 1v1 and extra game modes whilst it is supposedly highest in 3v3.

This image shows the percentage of players in each rank based on a sample of over 1 million players. (From Rocket League Tracker Network)

Methods to Achieving the Rocket League SSL Rank-

Coaching and Courses-

Receiving Rocket League coaching or taking Rocket League courses from companies such as Gamers Guide can really take your game to the next level.

Playing Time-

The amount of time you spend on Rocket League is probably the biggest factor to accomplishing SSL by yourself. You won’t reach SSL with at least under 2,000 hours played. Most players who get SSL will have had at least a few thousand hours of playtime over the years and the majority have 5000 plus.

Quality of Play Time-

How you spend your time playing the game can depend on how quickly you improve. A player who spends plenty of time performing training packs on top of ranked matches will likely improve faster than someone who just purely plays ranked play matches. As well as mixing your playing time between training packs and ranked matches, you should also encourage yourself to enter competitive knockout tournaments. This should help you perform better during intense situations.

Rocket League Boosting-

The quickest method of all, but the most controversial at the same time. Boosting in Rocket League means paying a booster (a very good player) to rank your account up. This can be done with the booster logging into your account or you playing with the booster. Either way, it gets your account higher at the risk of getting your account banned.

Controller over the keyboard-

Players who use a controller may experience SSL quicker than someone who uses a keyboard and mouse. This doesn’t mean you cannot achieve SSL with a keyboard and mouse but it may take longer. This is proven by the fact that over 90% of professional players use a controller showing its dominance.

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