How to get the Fennec in Rocket League

How to get the Fennec in Rocket League

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The Fennec is the second most used car in Rocket League. But unlike the Octane which is free for all players, it can be a bit trickier to obtain. This article explains 3 methods to get the Rocket League Fennec car.

1. Blueprints

Before we begin, check your RL inventory to see if you have a Fennec blueprint. If you do, then skip to method 3. If you don’t then do not worry, one of these methods will suit you.

Firstly, you can obtain the Fennec through the in-game item shop if it is listed or via blueprints. But who wants to pay full price? To craft a Fennec in a blueprint costs you 500 credits. And to do this, you first need the blueprint which may add to your cost if you do not already possess one. It can also be extremely difficult to find certain blueprints, so good luck.

2. Quickest way to Buy Fennec in Rocket League

This is the best time-consuming method but it is the most costly by a slight amount. But I suppose you pay slightly extra for safe and quick delivery. It involves no searching everywhere for the blueprint. I recommend using Aoeah as they offer the cheapest prices with extremely quick delivery times and they are a reliable company. If you buy from them, you know you will have a Fennec usually within 10 minutes.

3. Cheapest way to get the Fennec in Rocket League

The cheapest way to legitimately own this item is through trading. If you want the cheapest deal then stay with me, this can take some time but it is the cheapest method by far. Even if you have a Fennec blueprint in your inventory, then this method is still cheaper for you.

First of all, you want to find out the real value of your desired item because the 500 credits that the game sells the Fennec at can often be massively overpriced. Now to check the Fennec price, visit RL Insider. Because the Fennec is so popular, it has not lost any of its value from what the game values it at. Which is very rare! But you can still get this cheaper, keep reading… Please note that this price may have changed when you’re reading this, so please check the price yourself to ensure you are getting the best deal.

So now we know the actual value of the item is 500-600 credits, you will need 500-600 credits in your inventory. If you have the required amount of credits already then perfect, I’ll let you know in one moment where to trade to get the Fennec at these prices, but if not, you can purchase cheap credits from Aoeah. This is cheaper than buying the Fennec directly from Aoeah and cheaper than buying credits than in-game. For example, on PC, buying 500 credits in-game costs $4.99 but from Aoeah it costs $3.83 (at the time of writing) and you can also use my discount code MBDESIGNS for a further 6% off.

Once you have the credits, you want to join the RL Insider discord channel. There are plenty of other trading discords but this is the most active from what I know. Once you have joined, scroll down the channels until you find trading__pc or the relevant platform you’re on. Then to save tons of time, search the ‘Fennec’ on the top right and click enter. Discord will then highlight the latest people who have mentioned the Fennec in their messages. Now you want to find people who have this item, not wanting this item. To check this, your item should be displayed after the {H} which stands for Have. Ideally, check multiple people to get the best deal. At the time of writing, the best deal I can find is 550 credits which is reasonable in my opinion as you do not go through the hassle of finding the blueprint too. Beware! There are many scammers around. So personally, I never trust anyone. So join the Trade League Discord and ask for a middleman which is free. The person you are trading with will also need to join this Discord. There are instructions on their server on how to call for a middleman. This way you don’t get scammed. Sometimes you may have to wait a while but it’s much safer.

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    I will get the fennec for free. How can i do that?


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