How to get Titanium White Octane in Rocket League

How to get Titanium White Octane in Rocket League

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The TW Octane is the rarest and most expensive vehicle in the game. The default version is free for all players but any paints must be purchased or traded. In this article, we explain 2 methods on how to get the tw Octane in Rocket League.

Quickest way to Buy Titanium White Octane in Rocket League

This method is not the cheapest but it is the fastest way to obtain this desirable item. Aoeah is a trustable and reliable RL item website that offers extremely quick delivery times. I have been using them for years and I usually receive my purchased items within 15 minutes. You can also use our Discount code: MBDESIGNS to receive 6% Off! Once clicked the link, just select your platform, click ‘bodies’, scroll down to ‘Octane’, then change the paint to ‘Titanium White’.

Cheapest way to get the Rocket League Titanium White Octane

Trading is the cheapest method to obtain the Rocket League TW Octane. But before we start trading, we need to find out the actual value of the tw Octane. To do this, visit RL Insider. It is currently worth 9200-10000 credits but make sure to check yourself in case of any price fluctuations.

Before we get these credits, we need to find a reasonable trader. We know the item’s valuation so we will know if someone is trying to mark us up on the price. Join the RL Insider Discord server as this is a very active channel for trading. Select your platform on the welcome page and then scroll down to your platform. If you are on pc, you are looking for ‘trading_pc’. A fast way to search who is selling a tw Octane is to search ‘tw octane’ in the top right search bar. Most traders put ‘tw’ so it is important for you to search for the same key term. After 1 minute of looking, the cheapest I have found is 9,300 credits which is towards the lower of its valuation range, and therefore, I would say that is a good deal.

Now we know someone will sell their tw Octane for 9,300 credits, we need this amount in our inventory. If you already have this amount of credits then perfect. If not, then you will save a fortune by using Aoeah. For example, buying 10,000 credits in-game will cost you $79.97 USD but from Aoeah it costs $63.70 USD (not including if you use my 6% discount code: MBDESIGNS).

Beware of scammers! There are plenty of scammers still out there so do not trust anyone. Personally, I use the Trade League Discord server because you can ask for a middleman when trading with anyone.

Once you have the titanium white Octane car, check out our article for some inspirations on tw octane designs

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