How to Improve Wall Play in Rocket League

How to Improve Wall Play in Rocket League

Jul 16 admin  

Wall play can be used in many passages of play. In this article we’ll look at
the key aspects of using the wall to ranking up, including:

  • Power Shots off the Wall
  • Clearances of the wall

How to know if the ball is or is not touching the wall
Starting with the basics. Many players will miss the ball due to miss reading whether
the ball is touching the wall or slightly off.

  • If the ball roles up the wall then it will be touching the wall when you get up to it
  • If there’s a slight bounce then you may need to jump off the wall to hit it

Power Shots off the Wall

For this instance, imagine you’re going up the right side wall and we’re going to say the ball is
slightly off the wall near the ceiling. Most defenders will not be expecting a shot from
this position. But how exactly can you get enough power on your shot whilst
keeping it on target?

  1. Boost up the wall so your car is slightly facing the ceiling and slightly towards
    your opponent’s goal
  2. Jump off the wall just before you reach the ball. Remember your jump should
    take you slightly forwards and upwards so you’ll need to jump just before you
    reach the ball horizontally and vertically
  3. Air Roll right in this instance making sure you car is the correct way up
  4. Power slide forward aiming for the top half of the ball ensuring it goes down
    towards the goal

Common Mistake-
When on the wall, you’ll be driving forwards towards the ball. Many players make the
mistake of being parallel with the ball. Instead, you want to be slightly behind the ball
so your forward momentum when you jump off the wall will allow you to time the ball
with a good amount of power.

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Clearances off the Wall

Clearing the ball off the wall in defence can have many benefits:

  • Release any pressure on your net
  • It saves boost rather than having to boost up in the air
  • Stops your opponent having a chance of a backboard shot

There are two types of clearances off the wall we will cover:

  • Crosses
  • Backboard shots/passes


Starting with the easier clearance. From the lower ranks, players may have realised
that crossing the ball on the wall is quite possibly the best method to scoring.
However, that will quickly change once you get ranking up and players start getting
used to using the wall.

The player on your team who is closest to the near post should be the one going up
on the wall to deal with a cross. Doing so should save boost and time allowing you to
clear the ball before your opponents get a shot away.

Backboard clearances

Moving onto the more difficult clearance. This example is when your opponents
shoot high to give them a backboard shot. You might be thinking at this stage that
your opponents never hit these so there’s nothing to worry about. But trust me, the
more you start ranking up, the more you’ll begin getting scored on from these

How do I know when to be on my backboard?

This is a common question I’ve heard and a very good question.

Knowing when to be on your backboard to clear the ball has come naturally over
time for most top players and will come naturally for you too. You’ll eventually begin
to read your opponents and know when they are going to hit it onto your backboard.

At this moment in time, a key factor determine when you should be on your wall is
when your team mate/s is already in goal. This requires you to trust your team mate
but will position you both well covering the possibilities of a low ground shot and a
high placement shot.

How to get a backboard cleared out of Danger

Before we move onto the advanced mechanic of this skill you first need to get used
to clearing the ball first time without letting the ball hitting the backboard.

Once you’re comfortable in doing this, to achieve extra power on your clearance, you
want to hit the ball just after it bounces.

This will take a lot of practice to time correctly and you may sometimes have to re-
adjust your position on the wall.

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