How to Install a Minimap in Minecraft 1.20

How to Install a Minimap in Minecraft 1.20

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A minimap is ideal to see biomes, buildings, and other structures that are out of your view distance. This tutorial takes you through how to install a minimap for Minecraft.

How to Install JourneyMap in Minecraft

JourneyMap is one of the best mods you can install in Minecraft. Not only does this mod have a minimap that is always visible, but you can also open up a fullscreen view of everywhere you have traveled in your world.

Install Java

For most Minecraft mods to work, you need to have installed the latest Java edition. If you have recently installed other mods, you may have already completed this step.

This Java download link is for Windows. If you use a different system to Windows, just search for Java (then the system you use).

Install Forge

JourneyMap uses the Forge Mod loader. Therefore, it is essential that Forge is downloaded before JourneyMap.

On the left of the Forge installation page, you can select the MC version you want it installed for. The link above takes you to the 1.20 Minecraft Forge mod. We recommend adjusting this to the latest MC version.

Download JourneyMap

The link will take you to the CurseForge site where you can download JourneyMap. Click on ‘Files’ then download the latest JourneyMap version.

Find your Minecraft Mod Folder

In your Windows search bar (or press the ‘Windows key’ and ‘R’ at the same time on your keyboard) type %appdata%. This brings up your computer’s roaming folder where your Minecraft folder is stored. Click on the .minecraft folder and then open up the ‘mods’ folder. If you do not have a mods folder then just simply create a new folder for it.

Keep this mods folder open.

JourneyMap Installation

Locate the JourneyMap mod from your downloads folder and move it into the .Minecraft mods folder. This can be done by dragging and dropping it or the classic copy-and-paste method.

Launch Minecraft with Forge

Launch the regular Minecraft launcher but before you click play, you need to change the version to the correct version of Forge. Once you have done this, you are ready to play Minecraft with the JourneyMap mod.

If you have any issues, watch the YouTube video above and feel free to comment on that video. I will do my best to respond to everyone having issues.

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