How to Install Enchantment Descriptions in Minecraft

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Enchantment Descriptions is a popular Minecraft mod that has been installed over 85 million times. It is a small mod that won’t take up much space in your files.

This mod provides a description of all enchantments in the game, including some modded enchantments you may have added onto Forge or Fabric. The mod supports over 13 languages.

Steps to Install Enchantment Descriptions

1. Install JarFix

Before you attempt to install any Minecraft mod, you must install Jarfix first. If you have previously installed Jarfix, we still recommend re-installing as it is continually getting updated.

2. Install Forge

For the Enchantment Descriptions mod to work, it must be run through Forge or Fabric. We recommend installing Forge as it is compatible with more Minecraft mods.

Forge enables you to run multiple mods at once, improving your gameplay performance and experience.

Make sure you install the latest Forge version. Once you have selected the latest MC version, select ‘Installer’ on the ‘Download Latest’ table. Once it has been downloaded, open your downloads folder or open it through the download notification on your Chrome browser. Then follow the simple instructions to install it.

3. Install Bookshelf Mod

Bookshelf is another mod that is required to run the Enchantment Descriptions mod. Without Bookshelf and Forge together, an error will occur when launching Minecraft.

4. Download Enchantment Descriptions

Click the button above which takes you to the official download page for the Enchantment Descriptions mod.

Once you’re on this page, select ‘Files’ which will display all of the mod versions. Look for the latest Forge version or Forge +1. The latest one is generally displayed at the top of the list. Click the 3 dots on the right of the listing, and then select ‘Download file’. A new tab may appear. If so, re-click download for the installation to begin.

5. Minecraft Mods Folder

While the Enchantment Descriptions mod is in the process of downloading, you can initiate the next step of accessing your Minecraft mods folder. To locate this folder, either click on the Windows search bar or press the ‘Windows key’ and ‘r’ on your keyboard at the same time. Following this, input %appdata% and hit the enter key. The .minecraft folder will become visible at the top of your roaming folder. Access it, and subsequently, open the ‘mods’ folder. In case you are unable to spot a ‘mods’ folder, proceed to create a new one. Keep the mods folder open for the next step.

6. Finalising the Installation

To finalize the installation of the Enchantment Descriptions mod, copy the finished mod installation from your downloads and paste it into your mods folder that you just located from your roaming folder.

Now you’re ready to go!

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