How to Install Jade Mod in Minecraft

How to Install Jade Mod in Minecraft

Aug 07 admin  

Jade is a HUD mod, an upgraded version of Hwyla, designed for the latest Minecraft versions.

Jade provides you with more information about items, mobs, or animals in the game.

The Minecraft Jade mod also works well with the JEI mod. Visit our article on how to install just enough items mod in Minecraft.

1. Install JarFix

Jarfix is an essential download for all Minecraft mods to work. Even if you have installed this before, I recommend installing again to update it. The new installation will suggest deleting the old installation. Click ‘yes’ and it will automatically un-install.

2. Download Forge

For Jade to run, you need to install Forge. Ensure the same version of Forge and Jade are installed. You can change the Forge version from the left sidebar.

To complete the Forge installation, open up your downloads folder and open the Forge download. This can also be done by the Chrome popup. Then follow the instructions to install Forge.

3. Download Jade

Click this button to take you to the official download page for the Minecraft Jade mod.

On the mods menu, select ‘Files’ to bring up the list of all Jade versions. Find the latest version. It will be the very top one. Click on the 3 dots, then select ‘Download File’. You may have to re-click download on the next screen for the download to begin.

4. Open your Minecraft Mods Folder

Whilst the Jade mod is downloading, you can begin opening up your Minecraft mods folder. To find this, click on your windows search bar or press ‘windows key’ and ‘r’ on your keyboard at the same time. Then type %appdata% and click enter. Your .minecraft folder should appear at the top of this roaming folder. Open it and then open the ‘mods’ folder. If you cannot find a mods folder, simply create a new one.

Keep this folder tab open.

5. Installing Jade

Once you have opened your Minecraft mods folder, the Jade download should have finished. Open your downloads folder, then copy and paste, or drag and drop the jade download into your Minecraft mods folder.

Once this last step is complete, you are ready to go!

Keybinds for Jade

Default Key Bindings:

  • Keypad 0: Access configuration screen
  • Keypad 1: Toggle overlay
  • Keypad 2: Toggle liquid display
  • Keypad 3: Display recipes (Requires Just Enough Items mod)
  • Keypad 4: Display uses (Requires Just Enough Items mod)
  • Keypad 5: Provide narration for the target

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