How to Install Minecraft Mods with CurseForge

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The CurseForge Launcher easily allows players to download and update Minecraft modpacks to enhance their gameplay experience. Hundreds of popular MC mods are available to download through the CurseForge Launcher such as RLCraft, SkyFactory, StoneBlock, and many more.

1. Downloading the CurseForge Launcher

The download button above will take you to the official CurseForge Launcher download page. You want to download the ‘standalone’ version, not the ‘Overwolf’ option.

Once you have clicked ‘Download standalone’, wait for the download to finish and then open the pop-up or open it via your downloads folder. Then follow the simple steps by the orange buttons.

2. Downloading Minecraft on CurseForge

When you first go onto the CurseForge launcher, you will see that Minecraft is not installed. Click Minecraft and then download it on the ‘standard (recommended)’ version.

3. Installing RLCraft

CurseForge really does make it easier for players to install mods. All you have to do to install RLCraft is to search for ‘RLCraft’ in the search bar. Then click the orange ‘Install’ button on the official RLCraft modpack. If it has over 17 million downloads, shows version 1.12.2, and displays Forge as the mod loader then you have found the correct one. This download will take a while as there are around 185 mods inside RLCraft.

4. Connecting CurseForge with Minecraft

Once RLCraft has finished installing, click the orange ‘Play’ button which will take you to the official Minecraft launcher. However, you will need to login to your Minecraft account again to link CurseForge with MC.

5. Increasing RAM

If RLCraft fails to run smoothly, you may need to increase its RAM. This can be changed on the Minecraft launcher. Click ‘Installations’, hover over RLCraft, and click the 3 dots. Then select ‘Edit’, and ‘More options’, and increase the first number in the JVM box to a RAM size that your computer can handle.

6. Ready to Play

Now you are ready to play. RLCraft can be played in a single-player or on a multiplayer server with your friends.

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