How to Install WorldEdit in Minecraft

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Install this in-game map builder that allows you to build and customize structures. This WorldEdit mod allows you to use schematic files, mathematical equations, and 3D brushes to create any structure you desire.

Steps to Install & Download WorldEdit in Minecraft

1. Install Jarfix

Jarfix is an essential download as it enables Minecraft mods to run. If you have installed other MC mods, you will have installed Java before. However, we still recommend updating it to the latest version to avoid any problems running WorldEdit.

2. Install Forge

You may have installed Forge for other Minecraft mods in the past but ensure you install the correct version that corresponds to the WorldEdit version. For example, in the video demonstration, I install Forge version 1.20.1 and WorldEdit version 1.20.1. These versions must match for the game to run.

Click the button below to install the latest version of Forge.

When you are on the official Forge download page, you can change your desired version on the left sidebar. Then click ‘Installer’ on the ‘Download Latest’ table. Don’t click anything if a new tab appears. Forge should be installing in the background. Just wait for it to install and proceed to open to complete the download.

3. Install WorldEdit

Once you have installed Jarfix and Forge, the only application left to install is WorldEdit. Follow the button link above to take you to the official CurseForge WorldEdit download page.

Then click ‘Files’ and look for the game version that corresponds with the Forge version you installed. Hopefully you installed the latest version of each which is 1.20.1 in the video demonstration above. Also ensure that the Mod Loader is Forge, not Fabric. Once you have found the correct WorldEdit version, click the 3 dots and then ‘Download File’.

4. Minecraft Mods Folder

Unfortunately we haven’t completed the WorldEdit installation yet.

The next step is to locate your Minecraft mods folder. To do this, press the ‘Windows key’ and ‘r’ on your keyboard at the same time and type %appdata% into the search bar. Open your .Minecraft folder and then your Mods folder. If this is your first time installing an MC mod, you may not have a mods folder. Just simply create a new one within your .Minecraft folder and name it ‘mods’.

5. Completing the Download

The last and easiest step to complete the WorldEdit installation is to copy the WorldEdit file from your downloads folder and paste it into your Minecraft Mods folder. A drag and drop method can also be used.

Benefits of using WorldEdit

These are some of the key benefits of using WorldEdit in your Minecraft worlds.

  • Efficiency– Downloading the WorldEdit mod can greatly speed up the process of your Minecraft builds. It allows you to manipulate large structures and terrains with just a few commands on tasks that would manually take hours.
  • Precision– WorldEdit enables players to precisely build and edit blocks on complex builds.
  • Copy and Paste– You can copy and paste structures with this mod which is helpful to duplicate builds and creating backups.
  • Undo and Redo– WorldEdit allows you to undo any actions if you make a mistake.
  • Advanced Tools– Brushes, patterns, masks, schematic files, and more are available to allow more creative, complex, and grand designs.
  • Server Management– WorldEdit can be used on multiplayer servers and the server admins are able to limit and grant specific commands to certain players to prevent exploitation of the mod.
  • There are many more benefits of WorldEdit but these are the most used and beneficial features the mod offers.

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