Huge Changes coming to Rocket League this Month!

Sep 09 admin  

Pysonix has made many exciting announcements over the past few weeks on where Rocket League is heading. In this article, we will inform and explain all the new changes coming to Rocket League this September!

Season 14 Rewards

Rocket League Season 14 is finally approaching after being postponed many times. The rewards up for grabs are the following player banners:

Cross Platform Trading

Up to this point, players on different platforms have been unable to trade with each other. The cross-platform play was announced a while back and now cross-platform trading is coming out in the new update.

However, any DLC items, platform exclusives, and Rocket League credits will remain only tradeable within their platforms.

Player-to-player trading is also bringing some changes. To reduce the risk of fraud, players must have bought 500 credits on that account to be able to trade. For players who have bought Rocket League before this update comes out then this rule does not apply to them.

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Free to Play

Yes, Rocket League is going free to play this September. At Pro MB Gaming, we feel this is a huge step forward for Pysonix, opening up the game to a whole new potential audience. We’re interested to see how many more players this update will attract.

Other Updates
  • New quick chats are being added: On your left. On your right. Passing! Bumping! Faking.
  • New hitbox for the Merc
  • New ranks above Grand Champion and removal of solo standard
  • Rocket ID is changing to Epic Friends.

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