Infinium Rocket League Wheels

infinium rocket league

The Rocket League Infinium wheels are an exotic item that was released in February 2018 during the Victory crate release. They were also added to the first player’s choice crate.

Infinium wheels are available in 11 paints as black and grey are unobtainable.

Find out more information about these Infinium Rocket League wheels and see some cool car designs using these wheels.

Best Rocket League Infinium Designs

Infinium Design 1

rocket league infinium wheels

Items used in design 1:

  • Body- Sky blue Dominus
  • Decal- Dominus: Dragon
  • Wheels- Sky blue Infinium
  • Primary color- Purple
  • Secondary color- Lime

Infinium Design 2

infinium wheels

Items used in design 2:

Infinium Design 3

best infinium designs

Items used in design 3:

  • Body- Pink Octane
  • Decal- Constella
  • Wheels- Purple Infinium
  • Primary color- Light green
  • Secondary color- Light pink

Infinium Design 4

infinium designs

Items used in design 4:

  • Body- Rocket League Diestro
  • Decal- Diestro: Sooo Fly
  • Wheels- Orange Infinium
  • Primary color- Yellow/orange but looks more orange with this decal.
  • Secondary color- Light blue

Infinium Design 5

rocket league infinium

Items used in design 5:

  • Body- Rocket League Fennec
  • Decal- Fennec: Huntress
  • Wheels- Crimson Infinium
  • Primary color- Red
  • Secondary color- Light blue
Best Infinium Designs

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Rocket League Infinium Prices

The link above takes you through to Aoeah which showcases the Infinium Rocket League prices on all platforms and all available paints. These prices are not rounded up or down and are updated daily meaning you get the most accurate pricing compared to other RL pricing platforms. 

Painted Infinium Wheels

These are all of the painted variations that you can get the Infinium wheels in. The black Infinium and grey Infinium are not obtainable as they have never been added into the game.

Each paint has a blueprint. It costs 700 RL credits to craft an unlock the burnt sienna paint, 1,000 credits to craft the titanium white Infinium, and 900 credits for all other painted Infinium wheels.

Why the Infinium wheels are important in your Car Design

The wheels on a car design are like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle. The last piece has to fit for the jigsaw to be complete. Likewise, the wheels have to match the decal and colors for the design to be complete.

Generally, when designing Rocket League cars I choose the decal and its color before I select the wheels. But sometimes you have a favorite set of wheels that just have to fit. In that case, the wheels go first and the decal and colors come after.

How to get the Rocket League Infinium Wheels

The RL Infinium wheels can be obtained through various methods.

Firstly, you can get these wheels cheaper than buying their blueprint through purchasing from Aoeah (see green button links above). Aoeah are the cheapest and most reliable RL item-selling site out there.

Some free methods include trading up 5 very rare items to receive 1 exotic item. It does not have to be 5 very rare wheels, just 5 random ones. Infinium wheels are an exotic rarity so this gives you a chance to obtain these wheels but does not guarantee it. Another free way to get the Infinium wheels would be to open any Golden eggs, gifts, baskets, moons, or any other golden event it is in. These wheels have been involved in many events for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc so they are likely to be integrated again. These golden event items can be won by playing matches in these special event times.

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