Interstellar Rocket League

sky blue octane design

The Rocket League Interstellar is a black market decal that was released in June 2020 during the Momentum series update.

It is one of the hottest in-demand decals in the game that can come in all paints.

On this item information page, you can find out more about Interstellar such as its prices, painted variants, car designs using the decal, and much more.

Rocket League Interstellar Designs

The Interstellar black market animation resembles a nighttime space theme when using darker colors. It also works with lighter colors too.

Here are 4 of the best Interstellar designs you can use.

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Default Interstellar Design

interstellar rocket league

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Black Fennec
  • Decal- Interstellar
  • Wheels- Pyrrhos in purple
  • Primary color- Dark Purple
  • Secondary color- Light Purple

Crimson Interstellar Design

rocket league interstellar

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Crimson Octane
  • Decal- Crimson Interstellar
  • Wheels- Crimson Chakram: Holographic
  • Primary color- Dark Red
  • Secondary color- Black

Sky Blue Interstellar Design

Interstellar designs

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Maverick
  • Decal- Sky Blue Interstellar
  • Wheels- Sky Blue Softset
  • Primary color- Blue
  • Secondary color- Light green

Orange Interstellar Design

best interstellar designs

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Black Octane
  • Decal- Orange Interstellar
  • Wheels- Nucleon Clutch in Burnt Sienna
  • Primary color- Orange
  • Secondary color- Light Orange
Best Interstellar Designs

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How much is the Interstellar worth in Rocket League?

The default Interstellar costs 2,000 credits to craft on all platforms. If you trade player-to-player or buy credits via the green button at the top of the page, then you will get it cheaper than buying it in game. Prices for the default Interstellar on the four platforms are all cheaper than 2,000 credits.

For the past 12 months, this decal has maintained a fairly steady price and has not experienced any/many price fluctuations.

Prices are displayed in credits.

Painted Colors

The Interstellar Rocket League decal is available in all paints. 

These paints are often cheaper to to get through player-to-player trading, getting the item direct from Aoeah, or getting the credits from Aoeah (use the link above) compared to buying them in the game. This is because blueprints or the in-game shop charges 2,200 for all Interstellar paints except titanium white and burnt sienna. Titanium white costs 2,500 credits to craft and burnt sienna costs 2,000 credits to craft. Only the tw Interstellar is worth the same/more than its blueprint crafting cost.

Why the Interstellar is so important in your Car Design

Your selected Rocket League decal accounts for almost all of your car’s visual image and is therefore, the most important aspect of your car design.

When designing Rocket League cars, I always select the decal and its color before I choose the wheels. By following this method, it becomes easier and quicker to create your ideal car design.

How to get the Instellar Rocket League Decal

The RL Interstellar decal was released after crates were removed from the game. This meant it was brought out as a blueprint and in the daily in-game item shop. It costs 2,000 credits (default version) so if you wanted this decal at the very beginning, it was inevitable you were paying full price. Now, you are able to obtain this black market decal at cheaper prices than the blueprint crafting cost.

You can find the Interstellar decal cheaper by doing player-to-player trades. You may happen to have the required credits already. If so, check the price of your desired Interstellar paint above. This is so you know you are getting a good deal. Then join the RL Insider Discord channel which is an active server for RL traders. On here, you should find people on your platform that are selling this item for cheaper than its blueprint value. If you do not have the required credits, then you can get cheaper credits through Aoeah compared to buying them in-game. Or sell any of your unwanted items that are worth some credits.

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