Intrudium Rocket League- Prices, Designs & Details

intrudium rocket league decal

The Rocket League Intrudium is a black market decal that was released in the Ferocity crate during February 2019. It was later added to the Vindicator crate as well.

On this item information page, you can find out the Intrudium prices, cool car designs including this decal, and the cheapest way to get this item on your platform.

Best Rocket League Intrudium Designs

Compared to other black market decals, the Intrudium BM decal can be a bit more difficult to find the right design and color combinations. That’s why we have created 4 cool car designs involving this decal for you to take ideas.

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Purple & White Intrudium Design

intrudium rocket league

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Titanium white RL Octane
  • Decal- Intrudium
  • Wheels- Titanium white Voltaic
  • Primary color- Purple
  • Secondary color- White

Pink & Blue Intrudium Design

rocket league intrudium

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Sky blue Fennec RL
  • Decal- Intrudium
  • Wheels- Sky Blue Yankii RL: Infinite
  • Primary color- Pink
  • Secondary color- Light blue

Red & Yellow Intrudium Design

Items used in this car design:

Blue & Green Intrudium Design

intrudium designs

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Rocket League Breakout
  • Decal- Intrudium
  • Wheels- Sky blue Asik: Infinite
  • Primary color- Blue
  • Secondary color- Light green
Best Intrudium Design

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Intrudium Rocket League Price

The Rocket League Intrudium can be obtained on all platforms. However, it has no paints so you will only find pricing for the default version.

Why the Intrudium is so important in your Car Design

Your selected Rocket League decal accounts for almost all of your car’s visual image and is therefore, the most important aspect of your car design.

When designing Rocket League cars, I always select the decal and its color before I choose the wheels. By following this method, it becomes easier and quicker to create your ideal car design.

How to get the Intrudium Decal in Rocket League

The RL Intrudium prices have dropped massively over the years. This has led to the price becoming well below its blueprint crafting cost. It costs 2,000 credits to craft the Intrudium on all platforms. This means you will be massively over paying if you opt to go through the blueprint.

A cheaper alternative is to purchase it direct through Aoeah (see green button links above).

The cheapest method would be to trade-in 5 exotic items and hope you receive the Intrudium black market decal. This method is not guaranteed but is completely free if you get lucky.

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