Jager 619 Rocket League- Prices, Designs & Details

rocket league astro-csx

The Rocket League Jager 619 was released in September 2017 during the second Trade In update. It was released in the Accelerator crate and then added to the very first Player’s Choice crate.

On this car information page, you can find out more about the price of the Jager 619 cars, how to get the Jager 619 at the cheapest value, cool designs with this vehicle, the Jager 619 hitbox, and more!

Rocket League Jager 619 Designs

This vehicle resembles a fast, sporty like car which makes it an awesome body for car designs. Below, are 4 cool Jager 619 car designs that you can take inspiration from. 

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Default Jager 619 Design

jager 619 rocket league

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Jager 619
  • Decal- None
  • Paint Finish- Pearlescent (matte)
  • Pink Astro-CSX wheels
  • Primary color- Orange
  • Secondary color- Purple

Titanium White Jager 619 Design

rocket league jager 619

Items used in this car design:

Crimson Jager 619 Design

rl jager 619

Items used in this car design:

Black Jager 619 Design

jager 619 rl

Items used in this car design:

  • Body- Black Jager 619
  • Decal- Jager 619: Circuit Pro
  • Wheels- Black Tunica
  • Primary color- Green
  • Secondary color- Black
For the value of the black Jager, we recommend just using the default due to the little difference.
Best Jager 619 Design

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Rocket League Jager 619 Prices

The link above takes you through to Aoeah which showcases the Jager 619 Rocket League prices on all platforms and all available paints. These prices are not rounded up or down and are updated daily meaning you get the most accurate pricing compared to other RL pricing platforms. 

Painted Variations of the Jager 619 Vehicle

The Jager 619 Rocket League vehicle is available in all paints.

Cool Fact! If you purchased the black Jager 619 in April to May 2018, and you sold it in October 2022, you will have over 70x your credits. 

Rocket League Jager 619 Hitbox

The Jager 619 has an identical hitbox to the Endo Rocket League car. It is classed as a Hybrid vehicle and is one of the more preferred vehicles within the Hybrid group.

The RL Jager 619 car dimensions are as follows: (rounded to 2 decimal points)

Which vehicles have the same hitbox as the Jager 619? (Hyrbid vehicles)

Benefits of using the Jager 619 Vehicle

After using this vehicle for a little while, they were a few pros and cons noticeable. 

First off, let’s start with dribbling. Dribbling with the ball on top of the vehicle had a lot of control compared to other vehicles with more height. However, I was slightly disappointed with its flicks. Again, only comparing it to other vehicles, the flicks seemed a lot slower and higher. This can be beneficial in defensive flick scenarios but not attacking.

Being predominately an Octane main player, it took some adjustments to the shot power. The Jager definitely gets more power when you power slide straight forwards into the ball rather than diagonal.

The overall handling of this car felt quite good, i.e. turning radius, aerials, air dribbles, etc.

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