Juiced Rocket League

rocket league juiced

The Rocket League Juiced is one of the least expensive black market goal explosions in the game. It was released in May 2018 as part of the Salty Shores map release.

Find out the Juiced prices, showcase, what this item does, and how to get this item.

Juiced Rocket League Price

These prices are valued in credits and are for the default version only as this item has no painted variants. It is one of the only black market goal explosions to not have painted colors.

For PC and PSN players, this item is at the cheapest any black market item is valued in the game. So if you’re after a black market item then this is the best value you can get.

What does the RL Juiced do?

The Juiced goal explosion explodes an enormous amount of fruit at the exact point where the ball crossed the line.

As you can see in the image, loads of fruit juice splurts out along with scattered fruit. The fruit can be quite blurry at first during the initial explosion phase and become more visible as the animation pursues. 

juiced rocket league

How to get the Juiced in Rocket League

This item used to be available in the Impact crate. With crates no longer accessible, these are the methods you can use to obtain this black market item: (from Cheapest to most expensive)

  • Sell an unwanted item you have in your inventory for the required amount of credits then trade with someone who has the RL Juiced goal explosion. Doing this adds no cost for you.
  • Buy cheap Rocket League credits from Aoeah then exchange these credits in a player to player trade who has the Juiced goal explosion
  • Buy credits from in-game and then trade with someone who has the item. This method is more expensive than getting credits from Aoeah and the credits you buy in-game are untradeable for a certain amount of time
  • Obtain the Juice blueprint and then unlock for 2,000 credits.

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