K2 Rocket League

skulking scale rocket league decal

The Rocket League K2 are a set of exotic wheels that were introduced into the game back in May 2017, within the Nitro crate.

They are a perfect set of wheels for a winter themed vehicle due to their snowflake, frosty pattern.

Best Rocket League K2 Designs

We have created some of our favorite designs involving these K2 wheels. Your design preferences may be slightly different to mine so feel free to experiment with different color combinations to match your style.

In my opinion, the K2 wheels are perfect for the blue team colors due to their winter, snowflake design.

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K2 Design 1

k2 rocket league

Items used on this Blue team car design:

  • Body- Titanium white Octane
  • Decal- Octane: X Games
  • Wheels- Default K2
  • Primary color- Not shown on the vehicle
  • Secondary color- Not shown on the vehicle

K2 Design 2

rocket league k2

Items used on this car design:

  • Body- Titanium white Octane
  • Decal- Snowstorm 
  • Wheels- Default K2
  • Primary color- Lighter blue
  • Secondary color- White

K2 Design 3

k2 rocket league wheels

Items used on this car design:

K2 Design 4

best k2 designs

Items used on this car design:

Best K2 Design

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Rocket League K2 Prices

The link above takes you through to Aoeah which showcases the K2 Rocket League prices on all platforms and all available paints. These prices are not rounded up or down and are updated daily meaning you get the most accurate pricing compared to other RL pricing platforms. 

Other Painted Variations of the K2 Wheels

K2 RL wheels are obtainable in all of these colors. Only gold is missing, even though gold is unavailable on most items.

How to get K2 Rocket League Wheels?

There are a few ways to obtain these K2 wheels in whichever paint you want.

Firstly, Aoeah sell these wheels in all paints for affordable prices, cheaper than elsewhere. Click any of the green button links on this page to visit their site.

You can also trade with other players who have the K2 wheels you desire. You can either trade items or Rocket League credits with these players. However, make sure to only trade with trustworthy players to avoid getting scammed. 

K2 wheels were included in the Season 2 Rocket Pass, which was in the game around December 2020. If you purchased the season 2 Rocket Pass and reached a high enough tier, you would have unlocked the K2 wheels as one of the rewards.

Occasionally, K2 wheels may appear in the in-game Item Shop which you can purchase with credits. Keep an eye out for them in the Shop’s rotation.

It’s important to note that Rocket League regularly releases new items and updates to the game, so the availability of K2 wheels may change over time.

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