1.19 Servers To Join

Minecraft version 1.19 was released on 7th June 2022. With many new awesome updates, find out the Server IP of the best 1.19 Minecraft servers below along with all the new updates coming in this release.

How to Join a 1.19 Minecraft Server

When you first launch Minecraft, ensure you are using the 1.19 installation. Any version of 1.19 is fine, for example, 1.19.2, 1.19.5, etc.

Then follow the video instructions on where to add a server and where to put the 1.19 server IP.

Features to Look for in this Update

The new 1.19 update has been named ‘The Wild Update’, implying a huge amount of major changes coming to Minecraft!

Let us know in the comments if you like all these updates and which one are you most looking forward to?

New Biomes

If 61 different biomes were not enough, there are 2 new biomes coming in The Wild Update.

These are the Mangrove swamp biome and the Deep Dark biome.

Mangrove Swamp Biome
This new swamp environment has a higher chance of spawning next to hotter biomes such as the Desert, Savannah, and plains biomes.

Within the Mangrove swamp, players can find new items, blocks, and mobs. These include Mangrove trees, Mangrove leaves, Mangrove logs, mud blocks, and warm frogs,

Deep Dark Biome
This new biome is set to be the rarest cave biome in the game. It can only be found deep below ground levels between y-1 to y-64. You are most likely to find the Deep Dark biome under mountainous areas but they can spawn elsewhere.

Ancient cities are a new structure that can be found inside Deep Dark biomes at y-52. They are not found in every deep dark cave biome and in fact, do not spawn in the majority. But if you keep searching then you are likely to stumble across an ancient city eventually. The Warden, treasure chests and more can be found within these ancient cities.

New Blocks

A new biome means new blocks. These blocks include sculk, sculk vein, sculk sensor, sculk catalyst, and sculk shrieker.

New Items
There are a few exciting items that should be released in today’s update. Here are some of our favorite.

Bucket of Tadpole
Similar to buckets of fish, you will now be able to locate tadpoles wherever you want. Tadpoles eventually grow into frogs so maybe you could add frogs to your pond?!

Mangrove Boat
The new Mangrove swamp biome brings Mangrove planks, a new style of wood. These can be used to craft a boat.

Boat with Chest
Talking about boats, a boat with a chest is now coming to Minecraft. Probably my favorite item in this list! This means you can carry more items on your long distance travels than what your inventory can hold.

Goat Horn
A difficult item to obtain but definitely a cool one! A goat horn can make sounds that can be heard from far away. The sound is dependent on which goat it came from.

Recovery Compass
Another awesome item that tracks where you last died. Very useful if you had valuable gear on you.

Unfortunately, this will probably be a difficult item to craft due to its recipe. Echo shards (another new item) is its main ingredient and these can only be found within ancient city loot… And we just discussed how hard they can be to find.

Swift Sneak Enchantment
A new enchantment book that can be added to leggings. It allows players to move faster when sneaking/crouching. Level 1 increases your crouching speed by 45%, 60% for level 2, and 75% with a level 3 swift sneak enchantment.

Again, this enchantment book can only be found in loot chests from ancient cities, so it may take a lot of time searching for an ancient city.

There are many other minor updates coming out but these are the main major upgrades we think are worth being aware of. Let us know in the comments which part of ‘The Wild Update’ you are most excited about?